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One of the many signs around Rio parking lots that prohibit parking in certain areas.

Students Speak: RHC Parking Permits

Written by Victoria Ortiz, Staff
Oct 11, 2023

Rio Hondo College has started enforcing parking permits again this fall semester. If you wish to park in the lots at Rio Hondo, you must now purchase a...

Cheap Lazy Student Recipes

Fast, cheap, and easy recipes. Perfect for any busy student!
Written by Betsy Segura, Staff Writer
Oct 29, 2018

You wake up early, snooze your alarm, and close your eyes for a second.  Then a second turned into an hour and now you’re running late and have no idea...

DACA/DREAMer Advocacy Workshop Held at Rio Hondo

Rio Hondo Continues to support and stand with DACA and Dreamers.
Written by Anthony Moreno, Reporter
Sep 27, 2017

On September 21st Rio Hondo held a new workshop for students. The DACA/DREAMer Legislative Advocacy Workshop was held in the Student Lounge and lasted...

LAC Workshops September Calendar

Written by Ramon Alvarado, Sci. & Tech. Editor
Sep 8, 2017

The LAC workshops calendar for September is now available. The workshops are designed to enhance student learning and take place in the LAC room (LR114)....

Student Spotlight: Pete Escobar

Written by Nicole Garcia, Staff Writer
Apr 18, 2017

Every moment matters, it’s just how the story is told and captured, which brings us to El Paisano’s Arts and Entertainment Editor, Pete Escobar. In...

Students in motion, Aaron Smith

Written by Crystian Mendoza, Staff Writer
Nov 2, 2015

Here at Rio Hondo there is a large variety of art courses available for students to take, whether you are interested in majoring in art or simply interested...

Former Rio Hondo student, Board of Trustee member forms task force to steer re-development of America’s largest landfill

Written by Armand Santos, Senior Staff Writer
Oct 30, 2015

Rio Hondo College has formed a task force to represent the college’s interests in the development process of the new regional park being built on the...

Rio Hondo College hosts inaugural Adult Re-Entry Career Success Conference

Written by Armand Santos, Senior Staff Writer
Oct 14, 2015

The Center for Career and Re-Entry Services at Rio Hondo College kicked-off its First Annual Adult Re-Entry Career Success Conference on Oct. 18 in the...

Fight Stress with Yoga

Written by Corrin Jimenez, Staff Writer
Oct 8, 2015

As college students we deal with stress on a regular basis. We all have our different techniques on how to manage our stress but one way that has proven...

Speak Out: Should student/teacher relationships be okay on a college level?

Written by Alexandra Del Salto, Staff Writer
Sep 25, 2015

“On a college level I guess it’s okay because by then students are adults. So you know what to do, what’s wrong, what’s right. If you want...

Club Rush- A New Beginning

Written by Erik Buelna, Calendar Editor
Feb 11, 2013

Club Rush/Student Services Fair occurred on February 6 and 7 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. near the Middle Quad on the Rio Breezeway. The theme for the 2013 Club...

Project TEACH

Written by Jacob Chavira, staff writer
Feb 6, 2013

Project TEACH, what is this program you ask? Project TEACH is a sure track transfer program designed to increase retention and transfer to a four year...

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