Student Spotlight: Pete Escobar

Written by Nicole Garcia, Staff Writer

Every moment matters, it’s just how the story is told and captured, which brings us to El Paisano’s Arts and Entertainment Editor, Pete Escobar. In his second year and ready to transfer out, the 20-year-old became aware of major by great work of writing.

“In high school, we had to do a senior project and on the writing part I had great feedback from teachers that no errors were found,” said Escobar. “From there, English became an interest of major.”

By the time college came around, joining the summer magazine, Pete had expanded his major to Journalism, which also brought learning layout, photography, and design. Being the A&E Editor, duties like telling a story and drawing readers attention have been a goal for Escobar in becoming a great journalist; but challenges have slid in between the young journalist’s growth in writing.

“Being a part of the newspaper has shown me many things I could do with my major; Photography is one of them. And even though I do not own a camera of my own, I know what a good picture is,” said Escobar. “ I love taking photos or seeing a photo that is in the moment, that right there can tell a story.”

Marcus Yang, a photographer from the L.A Times who recently won Photographer of the Year 2017, is one of interest that Pete Escobar loves to look up for inspiration. Escobar explained Yang’s work as unexplainable due to the way he captures photo and  make you wonder how clear of shot.

Besides meeting deadlines, laying out the A&E section, or school related obligations, Escobar likes to read comic books, especially the Star War ones, watch Youtube videos, play video games and listen to music.

“Having Professor Carerra as an advisor has made me realize what a real working newsroom is like. It really is a big deal, there are a lot of [things] that go on and you just have to be on it. I learned so much and what I need to do as journalist, but also still learning and got to meet so many people with the same interest” Escobar said.

Taking in a little gist of everything Journalism has to offer before the soon to be transfer, Pete Escobar has the potential of becoming a great journalist, all thanks of his dedication and hard work.