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Club Rush- A New Beginning

Club Rush/Student Services Fair occurred on February 6 and 7 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. near the Middle Quad on the Rio Breezeway. The theme for the 2013 Club Rush was “A New Beginning,” as way to celebrate the survival of the “not-so-end-of-the-world” that happened in 2012.

The Associated Students of Rio Hondo College (ASRHC), and the Inter-Club Council (ICC), and the Student Services Division were celebrating a new year and wanted to give an opportunity to new students to learn about the clubs and services that Rio Hondo College had to offer.

The clubs that were attendance were Creative Writing Club, Puente Club, Artists Creating Theatre (ACT), Students Without Borders (SWB), One in Christ Newman Club, Kinesiology & Sports Club, Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), Veteran’s Club, Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS), Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), Super Gamer Bros. (S.G.B.), Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), Latinos United for Voting (L.U.V.), Vocal Arts Alliance, Active Minds, Honors Transfer Society (HSF), Science Club, American Sign Language (ASL), French Club, ENLA, Club Thrive, Sports Medicine, Association of Latino American Students (A.L.A.S.), BBQ Club, and American Society of Engineers and Architects (ASEA).

The Students Services Programs that are offered at Rio Hondo College were also in attendance, which included Upward Bound, EOPS/Care, CalWorks, Health & Psychological Services, Foster/Kinship Care, Transfer Center, Disabled Students Programs & Services, Continuing Education, Career Development Center, and Counseling.

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Some clubs used this event to fundraise, and there was plenty of clubs, both new and returning, taking advantage of the opportunity. ASRHC were also taking this opportunity to give free drinks, popcorn, and hygiene products like deodorant, shampoo, and tampons. They also had free obstacle course as long as you signed a waiver prior to entering, and also were helping students get an OrgSync account.

New clubs that were fundraising included: PBL who were selling Coke and Pepsi soda cans for $1 each, HSF who were selling hot chocolate for $1 and for an added 50 cents marshmallows or whipped cream, S.G.B. who were selling Mountain Dew and Sprite soda cans for 75 cents each and selling tickets for $1 to gain entry into an Opportunity Drawing to win a 1-year subscription to Game Informer, L.U.V. who were selling a Taco Plate which consisted of two tacos, rice and beans, Valentine baskets which were $5 for small, $8 for large and $10 for premium, Puente Club who were selling churros for $1 each, Science Club who were selling Milk Tea, Tai Iced Tea, and Green Tea Bobas for $2 each, and ASL who were selling Krispy Kreme donuts for $1 each.

Returning clubs that were fundraising included: Creative Writing Club who were selling candy bars for $1 each and bottled water for $1 each, SWB who were selling pork, chicken and cheese tamales for $2 each and Starbucks coffee for 50 cents, Veteran’s Club who were selling pizza for $2 per slice, AGS who were selling small bags of chips for 60 cents, 2 for $1 and Arizona’s for $1.25, ASEA who were selling bags of Hot Cheetos with cheese for $2, and GSA who were giving out free condoms and lube.

One of the new clubs, Active Minds, was making their first appearance at Club Rush, and the treasurer, Miguel Banuelos, stated that their club was about giving out mental health awareness, like depression and educates people about symptoms.

A new organization, Infamous Ink, make their presence known at Club Rush by selling tickets for $1, if you bought 5, then you were get 2 more for free, which gave you entry into an opportunity for a free tattoo. They also were showing their prices for tattoos and piercings which were $60 for small tattoos like 1-2inches, $100 for large tattoos like 5-6 inches, and $40 for piercings.

Overall, Club Rush was an outstanding event and had a great turnout for both days. So, as stated by Ismael Garcia, Senator of Public Relations and Jasmine Lopez, Student Activities Assistant, “no matter where you are in your college experience, you can make this your new beginning.”

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