Project TEACH

Project TEACH, what is this program you ask? Project TEACH is a sure track transfer program designed to increase retention and transfer to a four year university/college . Its main purpose is to help students succeed in achieving their educational and personal goals. As a student here at a community college this program would be very beneficial to join. In order to participant however you must have a college GPA of 2.4 or higher.  You must also be eligible or have completed English 35, Math 30, and Reading 23 and be enrolled in at least six units per semester. Of course you will also need a plan to transfer to a four year institution. As a Project TEACH student you will be able to define and reach your goals, gain opportunities to network, and get personal assistance to define your desired teaching credential path. The benefits of being a member are bountiful. As a student you will have a better understanding of the teaching field through hands on workshops, you will also receive help in applying for scholarships, internships, and other programs. Lastly you will have financial assistance available  to purchase books for those who meet the project requirements. If you have any questions you can contact Project TEACH coordinator Helen Leung at (562)908-3464 or find them at the Campus inn office #C166A.