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Christopher Villaseñor

Christopher Villaseñor, Broadcast Director

Christopher Villasenor is a freshman at Rio Hondo and his major is journalism. He wants to become a top of the line reporter in the sports industry covering all sports but he mostly aiming at becoming a reporter or broadcaster for the Dodgers. He had grown up listening to many great broadcasters like the amazing Vin Scully which is the reason why he decided to become a journalism major. He wants to interact with players and do on field interview. After attending Rio Hondo Community College he would love to attend Cal State LA. He had decided on this school because he says that they have a good journalism program and it is closer to Dodger Stadium. He hopes that he can come up with his own podcast this year to express his creativeness and he hopes to learn so many new skills that he will have for the rest of his career and he can not wait to get out of my comfort zone at times.

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Our new host Christopher Villaseñor and guest Miguel Vazquez talk about Coming Out Day event at RHC, and other topics like Halloween.

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