How Music Apps are Shattering Records

Before we had apps like Apple Music and Spotify, we started off with records. The record player first produced in 1895. But when the radio was released people preferred a radio in their house. This was because the radio had a lot more features than the record player did. Records started to gain more popularity during the late 60’s and the 70’s. People during that time started to realize that the sound created from the record player was richer and clearer than the radio, which led to its resurgences . 

Music is always going to be around.

Music is very crucial to many in everyday life. Many listen to music while driving and while doing everyday tasks and more. With the start of music streaming services, they have made the demand for records keep diminishing. Record stores used to be very popular, but as technology kept evolving many people chose the convenience over having to settle to buy records and play music in one place. 

One place has made it through it all though and have kept their doors open for over 50 years. Lovell’s records located in Whittier, California is a hidden gem to many and is loved by locals. The shop has a large selection of music.

Records stores help with keeping records relevant.

People like to collect records and listen to them. Many new artists now are releasing their new albums on vinyl records. This is because they know people like to listen on a record player. 

While interviewing one of the shoppers while in the store, I asked her why she would pay money for a record rather than listening to that album on a streaming service. She said ”There is nothing more magical than taking out that new record and setting it up to play a warm and comforting sound.” 

With this new generation, it may seem that streaming services are taking over every aspect of music, but when you really dive into it, records are trending upwards and are gaining more traction. Another very famous record place, Amoeba Hollywood. It has been open since 1990 and is very infamous in the City. Many artists appreciate the store and for what it’s worth and do meet and greets and smaller concerts inside the store. This has people coming into the store and also keeps them coming back. 

As long as music is around, records and records stores are going to be around. No matter how big streaming services get.