Fentanyl Candies Epidemic

With Halloween right around the corner and many children excited to trick-or-treat with friends and family. Many parents, teens, and children should be aware of the rainbow fentanyl candies. 

Trick-or-treating has been around since the 1920’s. It has been a staple of the holiday forever. Many kids love dressing up as their favorite character or person and go door to door to receive free candy. But as we progress through the decades. We as a society make it easy to not trust strangers as much as we used to. More parents year in and year out now have to supervise their children and now check their haul of candy. 

Many parents have worried for years when it comes to trick-or-treating. This is because of the story or “myth” of razors being in candies. But these stories about the fentanyl candies are not a myth or a story, they are very much real. 

Fentanyl a man made drug used to treat pain. The drug is also very powerful and too much of it in one dose can possibly end in death. Fentanyl poses a big threat. In 2022 there have been many reports of rainbow fentanyl being created. The fentanyl dyed into rainbow colors to make it seem like it is candy. They are doing this so it can be appealing to the eye and so it can attract children. One reason why they do this was because they want to get children or teens addicted to drugs such as fentanyl. 

Make Sure to Check your Candy this Year

I talked to one family in person who live in a very popular trick-or-treat about rainbow fentanyl candies. This neighborhood is popular because they have a huge haunted maze on the block which attracts many. I asked the mother Mrs. Lopez if she was aware of the rainbow fentanyl being on the streets and being disguised as candy. She said “I had no idea this was happening. I am going to make an effort to make sure all the neighbors know.”

This Halloween be aware what’s going on in your neighborhood.