Favorite Candies for Halloween

Favorite Candies for Halloween 

Christopher Villasenor

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Broadcast editor


With Summer coming to an end and Halloween right around the corner. I thought to myself,what are people’s favorite candies to eat, in the month of October? Candy has been a huge part of the holiday for as long as the holiday has been around. So, I decided to put a poll to see what people’s favorite candies were. I created the poll on Instagram where I  followers leave a response on what their favorite Halloween candy was.


There are so many candies people could choose from. But what surprised me is how many people started to choose the same candies. I chose Skittles as one option. And I was very surprised it had been chosen 10 times out of 40, the amount of people who took the poll. I had the chance to ask one of the persons who chose Skittles on why they chose it as their favorite candy. They said, “Skittles have always been my go to candy when just sitting on the couch watching spooky movies with friends.” 


There were many candies selected,10 different types of candy in the entire poll, ranging from candy corn to Fun Dip. Many people seemed more fond of the sweeter candies than any chocolate candy, like Twix or Kit Kat. 


Twizzlers only received one vote and I reached out to that person asking why she was the only person to choose that candy. She said, “Ever since I was young that candy would always be around the house as leftovers from my siblings trick-or-treating and I grew very fond of them”.


 If you are reading this, think to yourself, what candy would you choose to eat on Halloween?