White button mushroom tablets used to slow the advancement in prostate cancer

There are over 14,000 known species of mushrooms, many still unknown. Mushrooms hold a valuable place in our environment. These species hold a key to our future. However, can they do the same in modern medicine? 

City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center that houses the Beckman Research institute has been researching the white button mushroom.  The research has shown the advancement of the mushroom with prostate cancer. Therefore phase one of the trial began on January 29, 2009 with using men who had a history with prostate cancer who had to have a 2.0 increase of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in their blood. The trial used freeze dried mushrooms that were turned into powder and were made into tablets that are 500mg of white button mushroom these tablets were taken twice a day. 

Researchers at City of Hope are developing a much less toxic therapy to fight this cancer. The reason why white button mushroom was used is because Shiuan Chen, Ph. D. Professor and chair, department of cancer biology said, “Mushrooms came out as one of the important vegetables that was said to have the ability to suppress the proliferation in both breast and prostate cancer cells.” Video found on the City of Hope website shows the progress of two men who took the mushroom tablet and showed that just after 60 days one man’s PSA levels were undetectable for four years and the other was as low as .04 it is unknown of how long it stayed that low. 

The world of mushrooms and medicine are combining for the best outcome. The trial has moved into its second phase this year.