3.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Huntington Park

On Thursday, many citizens were surprised and woken up with a 3.2 magnitude earthquake just 1 mile off Huntington Park. The earthquake was felt a little less than 9 miles away from the epicenter of the earthquake. In a state that is constantly under the threat of a big earthquake happening at any time now, whenever an earthquake starts most dread it’s “the big one.”

Many professionals say to have an emergency kit in hand filled with water, canned foods, batteries, and bandages. The San Andreas fault is the most commonly known fault that has been overdue for a huge rupture without warning.

There were no deaths or injuries with the Huntington Park earthquake. However, the earthquake did provide a scare for those living in LA as they did not know if it would be the big one or not. According to a dispatcher at the Huntington Park police station, there were no calls for any damage or injuries. There was also no power outage that could have been caused by the earthquake. The citizens of Huntington Park referred to the earthquake as “not that strong” according to NBC Los Angeles. The earthquake was also felt around Long Beach, Pasadena, and also parts of San Fernando and San Gabriel. The earthquake did keep people on their toes for the rest of the day trying to anticipate another one.

This is a reminder that if you feel a big earthquake, to follow all  safety protocols, as well as have an earthquake supply kit as mentioned earlier.