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Guardians Scholars is Here to Help

Photo Credit: Sierra Uribe

When Rio Hondo says they care, they really do. Rio Hondo offers plenty of resources along with opportunities to their students. The Guardians Scholar Program is here to help. 

What the Program has to Offer

The program supports both current and former foster care students. Beginning in 2015, the program has progressed and continues to. The school board approved the expansion of the Guardian Scholars program which is the addition of Next up. Next up brings more resources along with funds to youth. “Ever since the inception, our goal has been to support foster youth,” said Program Specialist Deborah Lopez.

With Next Up funding, the list of resources available to roadrunners has grown. “We are a one stop center that supports students from A-Z. Students have access to weekly resilience and support groups along with tutoring exclusively for foster students. “This year we were able to provide students with a free macbook,” said Lopez. 

As a result of additional funding for the program, the organization is also allowed to expand their horizons when it comes to bringing the best staff to support their students. “We just hired a student services assistant which is something we have never done before,” said Lopez. 

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Program specialist affect on the Program

Prior to being the program’s specialist, Deborah Lopez was a senior financial aid advisor for the financial aid office. Her dedication to the school has not gone unnoticed as she has been working at Rio Hondo for ten years. “I have been very blessed, I enjoy being here as our program is growing,” said Lopez. Her work experience and educational background has allowed her to bring more than enough to the table for foster youth. “It is such a full circle moment for me, now I not only advocate for foster youth on a bigger level, but also for parenting students” said Lopez.

Any student that has ever experienced being in the foster care system can join. Applications are open year round. Students that are older than 26 years old do not qualify to be a part of Next Up but do qualify for Guardian Scholars. “We currently have around 150 foster youth students but we know there are more out there,” said Lopez. Located in SS307, the majority of roadrunners do not know that they are on campus to help. “Give us a chance to support your journey, we want to make sure you achieve your academic and personal goals” said Lopez.

For any student interested in what this program has to offer, visit the Rio Hondo website or visit room SS307 to gain more information. 


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Sierra Uribe
Sierra Uribe, Co-Editor in Chief
Sierra Uribe is a Freshman at Rio Hondo College who is majoring in Photojournalism. She graduated from El Rancho High School and is from Pico Rivera, California. After two years at Rio Hondo she hopes to transfer to a four year university. Sports photography is her favorite and she hopes to make a career out of this interest. Her dream is to become a photographer for a professional baseball team or work in the media department for a team. She recently discovered her passion for photography during her senior year in high school. In her free time, she enjoys journaling, swimming, listening to music, taking pictures and being with her friends and family. Her favorite sport is baseball and her favorite team is the Los Angeles Dodgers. Sierra hopes to make the most out of her first year at Rio Hondo by capturing events and news on campus for all students to see.

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