What To Expect From The Recent Apple Event

Madelyn Gastelum, Reporter

Monday morning, March 25, at 10am Apple hosted an event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino California to talk about the exciting new things with Apple.

The event started out with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, who spoke about the things that Apple has brought to the world thus far. The “world class” services that Apple CEO brought up were the App Store, Apple Pay, Apple TV, Apple News, and more. Cook followed up with the news that many changes are coming to make these services more immersive, easier to use, all while keeping your privacy and security.

A New Way To News

The first service that Cook was excited to introduce was the changes that are coming to Apple News. Apple prides itself by providing a news service that has trusted sources that are handpicked by the curators for the user. With over 5 billion articles on the Apple News app, it is one of the largest news services. “There are a lot of great things with all of these new services, but I have always loved the feeling of being at a newsstand. Seeing all of the magazines and papers and wanting to have them all knowing you can only choose one or two.” Cook followed this by asking, “what if you could have them all, on one device.”

This is the idea behind Apple News Plus that will offer over 300 magazines. Cook introduced one of the heads of the new Apple News Plus service, Wyatt Mitchell, who also talked about the new idea of “live covers” that will allow the user to be immersed into the magazine.  The magazines will range from lifestyles to gear heads, including the LA Times and Wall Street papers. Mitchell said that “if someone were to subscribe to all of the magazines and papers that will be offered it would cost over $8000 dollars. But with the new Apple News Plus for just $9.99 a month you will be able to get all of these.”

The Apple Card

Also getting some new changes is the Apple Pay feature on the Wallet App. Apple will be introducing Apple Transit. With a goal of making traveling quicker and easier. Apple CEO Cook said it will be as easy as a scan from your iPhone at any transit station starting in three major US cities New York, Portland, and Chicago. Cook introduced the Vice President of Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey to introduce more features for Apple Pay. “Apple wanted to create a way to have safer transactions with the thought of transparency and no hidden fees.” Bailey emphasized how Apple has rethought the credit card.

Apple’s newest offering an apple credit card will have no fees and no late penalty rates with a goal for the user to pay lower interest fees. Apple Pay does not work everywhere so there is also a physical credit card that will be coming out this summer. The new apple credit card will be made out of titanium. It will have an engraved apple in the corner with your name engraved as well. In an effort to keep the promise of privacy and security there will be no number or CVV on the card. When you use Apple Card you will get cash back for your purchases. 3% when you use it on Apple products and Apple retail stores, 2% for your everyday purchases through apple pay, and 1% back when you use your physical card.

Apple Arcade

The App store is another great service that has brought an edge to the iPhone and other Apple products.  Apple has come up with a new way to bring you games for your phone. This is the Apple Arcade. This will be the world’s first gaming subscription service for mobile, desktop, and family room platforms. Over 100 games will be available in the new arcade. Games will also be added over time. The games will also be offline so you can play them anytime, anywhere regardless if you are offline. Through the subscription, you will also not have any pop-up ads or in-app purchases.

Apple TV Plus is Here

There are a lot of changes that Apple is introducing. The biggest one that will be coming is the new Apple streaming service, Apple TV Plus. This new streaming service will function much like the other streaming services out there. Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “it is like nothing that has ever been done before.” Their goal is to introduce a new way to see television. Their goal is to produce shows and movies that will give you a new outlook by showing you parts of the human experience that you may not have seen before. The launching group of celebrities that they have on board for this project include many big stars. Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, who has a new show in the works that will also co-star Steve Carell. Along with that Jason Momoa will also be starring in a new show that gives a didn’t outlook on a post-apocalyptic world. The biggest name that Apple has on their new team is Oprah. She will have a new show through this streaming service. All of these and more will be exclusive to their service.

Apple did not announce any new products yet. Product announcements usually come at the end of the summer season. There are only great new things to come as Apple has changed the game once again.