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Apples iPhone 14 Line

Apple’s iPhone 14 Line

What did Apple bring to the table with its September releases?
Written by Luis Martinez, Staff
Oct 26, 2022

Just a few weeks ago on September 16, Apple released their long-awaited iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and Pro Max. While the last product of this line is yet...

3-D Printed Vaccines Eliminate the Pain

Written by Jonathon Carmona
Nov 15, 2021

Needles No More The days of long needles, angry nurses, and seeing grown men panic may be over, at least, for the most part.  The Centers for Disease...

Apple’s Latest Release: The New MacBook Pro

Written by Cassidy Anderson
Oct 19, 2021

It’s that time of year again, the time for Apple’s new releases in technology. At the Apple Event on Monday, Apple revealed its first look into the...

Astronomers find brightest supernova ever recorded.

Written by Jesus Marquez, Reporter
Apr 19, 2020

Astronomers have found the brightest and largest ever supernova that left scientists absolutely stunned. A collaboration between the Smithsonian Astrophysical...

What To Expect From The Recent Apple Event

Written by Madelyn Gastelum, Reporter
Mar 27, 2019

Monday morning, March 25, at 10am Apple hosted an event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino California to talk about the exciting new...

National Day of Unplugging: Lets Make it a Habit

I challenge everyone to unplug and connect with yourself, for once
Written by Erika Suarez , Online Editor-In-Chief
Mar 7, 2019

National Day of Unplugging took place from March 1 to March 2. This national day is described as a "24-hour global respite from technology." The project...

AI can make fake HD videos that brings next level of “Deepfake”

Written by Gilberto Espana, Reporter
Sep 4, 2018

A new developed AI can turn animated drawings into a fake HD video. Created by Nvidia and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The program uses a moot...

Is Your Information Safe? Over 48 Million Online User Profiles Leaked

Apr 22, 2018

Are you sure your information is safe on the ‘net? Forty-eight million user profiles from the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn had their information...

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s Ex-Advisor Tricks Companies into Investing Over $250 Million

Apr 22, 2018

Elizabeth Pierce, former CEO of FCC lead-man Ajit Pai’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC), has been arrested for wire fraud after using...

“The Golden State Warriors of Comedy,” HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Set to Return for Season Five

Written by Ramon Alvarado, Sci. & Tech. Editor
Mar 18, 2018

HBO’s hit comedy series Silicon Valley is coming back for its fifth season beginning Sunday, March 25. Richard Hendrick’s and the Pied Piper crew are...

Bones Found in 1940 Likely Those of Amelia Earhart

Written by Ramon Alvarado, Sci. & Tech. Editor
Mar 12, 2018

Bones found in a remote South Pacific island in 1940 have been reexamined and are now believed to belong to legendary American pilot Amelia Earhart. The...

Geek Squad Working Closely with FBI

Written by Ramon Alvarado, Sci. & Tech. Editor
Mar 12, 2018

The FBI has been working closely with Best Buy’s computer repair service, Geek Squad over the last decade. In an investigation launched by the Electronic...

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