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Heart Heroes Recruit Rio Hondo for CPR Techniques.

On Thursday, Oct. 4, 2023, earlier this month, Heart Heroes of Los Angeles County Center came to the Rio Hondo College. Their purpose, to demonstrate CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation techniques. So that students can increase the chances of saving someone’s life.

Who are the Heroes

Heart Heroes is an organizational campaign for the Department of Public Health in the County of LA. This campaign’s initiative is to train over 500,000 LA county residents, medical workers, and common individuals by the end of Dec. 31, 2023.

Though Heart Heroes hopes to train over 500,000 people, the event they hosted for RHC students was merely a ten-to-twenty-minute demonstration and lecture for students to understand the importance of CPR. The American Heart Association stated that more than 350,000 of American individuals are affected by cardiac arrests with most of that number being part of the Latino Community.

“It is something we have prepare others for,” Rodel Rutaquio, one of the registered nurses who attended the demonstration, said, “As much as this doesn’t need to happen.”

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Recruiting more Heroes

350,000 residents suffer from cardiac arrests and so these Heart Heroes seek to bring those numbers down or prepare others for what happens if they see someone suffering cardiac arrests. Not many in the community know how to do CPR because of many speculative reasons. Including one, because some people do not see the importance of learning CPR when they do not know anyone with medical conditions. Or two they just have no need or reason for it.

The demonstration was simple, however rigorous in how long you must keep the same beat while performing chest compression on test dummies. The demonstrators, registered nurses of Whittier Medical, Martha Chehadi, Brenda Quintero, Rodel Rutaquio, showed several techniques that would allow students to keep the life of a person safe till any ambulance notified arrives.

These students took a real shine to some of the lessons learned by the organizations hoping they could put the skills to good use if the situation calls for it.

“I thought that it was a great thing for them to be here,” Daphne David, one of the RHC students who had participated in the demonstration said, “it’s best for people to know what to do in times of stressful moments like seeing a loved one passing out.”

for more information, visit:

Heart Heroes | Congenital Heart Disease | CHD Superhero Capes – Heart Heroes


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