House Kitchen Playa

Lately there have been seeing many vendors come out of their way in starting new businesses which is great for consumers. Nowadays you can drive around cities and find many trucks or people selling.  Nevertheless it is great for the consumers to be able to try and taste new foods.

For this visit many had the chance to cover and try this little pop up shop which is based in Fontana. It was the owner’s first time cooking and starting to sell to locals which is a great way to build up their business. Since it was a first time for both sides many had the choice of going with breakfast or lunch . The plate consisted of a pancake and two eggs and two bacon which is very fair serving and appetizing. Many would consider calling this two by two because of the amount and choices you have.

Looking at the meal and the pictures I was expecting big portions and was right overall looked very good. The fluffiness of the pancake was top tier also the color was on point with a shade of brown and little to no dark. Also you can not forget the eggs and the bacon with them being served scrambled. The bacon had little to no crisp which is good and also your choice of coffee or juice. Some consider it to be coffee over juice. 

Keep an eye out for next week’s review with many more wonderful food to try and explore the foodie adventure.