Spring 2023 Scholarship Deadline is Closing for Rio Hondo College Students

Spring 2023 semester scholarships awarded to students will be announced by the Rio Hondo College Foundation Friday, March 24. The final day to apply is Friday, March 10.

The Application Process

To apply for any scholarships, students first need a minimum 2.0 GPA to meet the application requirements. 

Then, after filling out the application with details such as their student ID and unofficial transcripts, students need a letter of recommendation. The letter should include the recommender’s complete contact information. However, those applying for a scholarship cannot input the letter. Instead, the recommender must add the story to the application before students can submit it.

As part of the application process, students must also complete a personal essay between 300 and 900 words. The prompt for the essay is “Who Am I.” 

The essay should include each student’s accomplishments and their personal and academic challenges. In addition, the essay should mention why you’re attending college, what your college and career goals are, and how you hope to use the scholarship.

But students won’t have to wait long to hear a response. Between Feb. 21 and Sunday, March 19, the Rio Hondo College Foundation Matching and Review Committee will match students to whichever scholarships their application best fits and meets the requirements . 

By March 24, the Rio Hondo College Foundation will inform students if they are eligible to receive any scholarships.

For students still filling out the application, the Rio Hondo College Student Success and Dream Center has multiple YouTube videos about how to apply for Rio Hondo College Foundation scholarships.

Students can access the Rio Hondo College Foundation page and the student portal, AccessRio. Students can also go to the Finances tab on AccessRio, the fourth tab on the right-hand side, and scroll down to click “Apply Here For Scholarships.”

The fundraising event, A Taste of Rio–hosted by the Río Hondo College Foundation–returns June 23. Rio Hondo College Foundation scholarship applications have been open since Feb. 16.