The Rio Hondo College Study Abroad Program in Taiwan Continues

Rio Hondo College has been part of a student exchange program with Taiwan for the past five years. In February, the College was recognized for its partnership with Taiwan by the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Los Angeles.

The Rio Hondo College and Taiwan Cultural Exchange Program

The cultural exchange program was began in 2017 by Dr. Shin Liu. In a Youtube video posted that same year, on Dr. Liu’s account, she mentioned that the program started after “Dr. Liang” invited her “students to participate in a study abroad program in Taiwan.”

Students who participate in the exchange program with Taiwan have the opportunity to teach English in Taiwan. According to the most recent statement by Rio Hondo College, over 70 students have traveled to Taiwan to participate in the study abroad program so far.

In the same statement, Rio Hondo College Superintendent and President Teresa Dreyfuss added, “‘We are incredibly proud to have fostered this relationship with the University of Taipei and New Taipei City… In doing so, our students have become global citizens for whom travel and cultural exploration have a positive, lasting effect.’”

The Rio Hondo College and Taiwan Study Abroad Program Continues

Rio Hondo College received the award on Feb 18. The same day, the College and TECO signed an agreement that the study abroad program would continue through the next academic year. In addition, the College also partnered with the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women, Greater Los Angeles (GFCBW-GLA) in November 2021.

The current Rio Hondo College Superintendent and President Teresa Dreyfuss is from Taiwan. Presently, Dreyfuss has been with Rio Hondo College for almost four decades. Furthermore, she will continue her role as Superintendent and President of the College until June 2022.

Taiwan is located directly outside of mainland China. But there is conflict and confusion between whether Taiwan is part of China, or if it is an independent country. 

In October 2021, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver aired a piece on Taiwan. The episode featured a clip of John Cena’s apology to China for calling Taiwan a country. In response, Oliver commented “Every part of that is so weird. It’s weird John Cena apologized to China. It’s weird he did it by calling Taiwan a country.”

Nonetheless, over the next year, the Rio Hondo College and Taiwan study abroad program will present an opportunity for students who have an interest in teaching.