Freeway Shootings Throughout Los Angeles

There have been multiple shootings along the 91 freeway over the last couple of weeks. They have happened across Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties. This has been a disturbing pattern to many people living in the area. As it seems like a freeway shooting is happening once a day now, many of the shootings seem to be targeted at windows. At least 80 cars have been shot in total since April.

Shootings this Month

The 91 Freeway isn’t the only freeway with these shootings, they span east of the 15 freeway. On Thursday the 20th of May, 11 shootings were reported the most in one day so far. Out of the multiple attacks no injuries were reported as of Thursday. Jimmy Williams, a driver had his windows blown out while he was driving to work. He was not injured or harmed when his windows were blown out. Williams was only shot for 10 minutes, that’s when knew he had to contact the police.  Dan Olivas, a California Highway Patrol Officer stated three vehicles were beat just before 6 am. 

CHP Officer Mitch Smith stated another driver’s passenger window was shattered around 9 am on a Freeway in Garden Grove. Florida Olivera, another CHP Officer said another vehicle window was shattered around 6am on the 91 Freeway in Anaheim Thursday morning. In addition another vehicle was damaged around 8 am on westbound 91 near Sixth Street in Corona according to Olivera. Throughout the series of these freeways shootings on Thursday, no one was injured.

Police still ask the public to please get on the Bluetooth and call 911 if they are a victim and describe every vehicle in the area.

BB or Pellet Weapons’

As the California Highway Patrol investigate the freeways, they believe most of the incidents appear to be BB or pellet guns. One of the CHP unit cars was shot while an officer was writing a ticket for a citizen. No one was injured when this had happened, however if another driver reacted this would’ve been a bigger mess. Many authorities are still unsure if some of these incidents can be due to gravel being kicked up by a big truck. Yet still most of these accidents are sure due to suspects shooting vehicles with a pellet gun.  

Child Shot on Friday Morning

Friday morning around 8 am a young six year old boy was shot on the 55 Freeway near Chapman Avenue. The boy’s mother was on her way to drop him off to school when the road range had occurred. Officers quickly responded to the scene and rushed the boy by ambulance to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County where he later passed away. The investigators on the scene do not know how many shots were fired from the suspect.  

There was no description of the shooter. However the suspect’s vehicle was described as a white sedan which could’ve been a Volkswagen. The 55 Freeway was shut down for most of the day. The car had a bullet hole on the trunk, which the bullet went through and killed the young boy in the back.

Although there have been many shootings in the freeways, this was not related to the shattering incidents the freeways have been happening lately. A GoFundMe has been set up to help out the boy’s funeral funds.