The Relationship Between Millennials, Gen Z, and “Ghosting”

A person is dating someone, but suddenly, and perhaps without warning, that someone just disappears. That’s exactly what “ghosting” means. Cut off any communication with the person you are dating or your partner without explaining why. “Ghosting” is a term that not only applies to romantic relationships, but it can also occur in friendship, and even work relationships. Interpersonal relationships can be complicated, and it is not always easy to break up with someone. In these circumstances, “ghosting” can be the easiest way out.

Why Millennials and Gen Z are the Most Likely Generations to Have “Ghosted” their Partner?

After interviewing a group of Millennials and Gen Z. The most repetitive reasons were lack of interest, emotional immaturity, and no longer sharing things in common with that person. Millennials and Gen Z are characterized by being more open-minded when it comes to any topic. And they were undoubtedly born surrounded by technology. Therefore, this term has become popular with this generation compared to previous generations since “ghosting” is more common in online relationships than in person.

 Another reason is that lately, this term has already become a habit for some people. They just start a relationship and then disappear just for fun since it’s part of their routine. When Vanessa Avalos (Gen Z) was asked why she believed people may ghost, she replied, “People may have made it a habit, a bad habit.”

Another point is that maybe the person being ghosted has done something wrong. If a person you have just met has attitudes that you do not like or did something that was not to your liking, it may be a reason for “ghosting.”

But most importantly, they don’t have to deal with the drama and melancholy that there is when a relationship ends, nor are there any questions or justifications to give.

Here are Other Signs to Know Someone is “Ghosting” on You

First, they take forever to respond to your texts. If someone takes hours or even days to answer, they may be thinking of disappearing. However, this sign must be adapted to the context of the couple’s situation, since if that person has a very busy schedule, that may be the reason and it is not that you are being ghosted. Moreover, they keep canceling plans, they don’t want to meet in public, they start lying, or they’re always super “busy.”

How to Cope When You’ve Been Ghosted

Rid yourself of blame. While being “ghosting” may seem so personal, it’s not about you. It’s about them because “ghosting” says more about the person doing it, than vice versa. Also, never regret having met someone in your life. Remember that experiences, whether good or bad, help you improve and be the best version of yourself. Now is the time to take care of yourself. Sleep well, and spend more time with yourself and your close friends. And above all, don’t let bad experiences affect your future relationships.