Summer Looks For 2022

What to expect in the summer as California is still debating on its weather. Last summer the trends were very bright and a comeback of the early 2000’s with touches of the 70s, but what about this year? What should people be cautious of? And should people just finally wear what they want?


Micro Trends 

 Micro trends are ones not to follow this summer as many closets fill up with clothes. Most importantly, keep in mind these amazing, but distinctive patterns, bright colors, and different silhouettes are fun to some. Most will rewear them regardless of trends, but only good enough for the summer for others. It’s important to know the negative impact that fast fashion has on the environment and the negative impact it has on countries who are manufacturing the pieces. As TikTok helps the rise of micro trends, be cautious when buying pieces that are just cute for a month. Remember to ask the question, will I wear it again? Or do I really like it? It’s easy to buy clothes on the internet, but let’s try to be sustainable and thrift from time to time. 


Wearing What We Want 


Trying to find the perfect aesthetic of clothing that fits what you like and makes you feel comfortable and happy can be quite tricky and hard. Clothes are now seen as this very important part that needs to look extravagant in daily life. Pinterest boards are filled with different aesthetics from contemporary ,grunge, and cottage core; they’re all so different and it’s hard to choose which one fits you.The real question is. Where do those girls shop? They always look amazing. However, wearing what you want is key to being confident and you. Who cares if everyone is looking at you. It’s like that old saying: Good or bad publicity is still publicity even if you are not famous you are living in their heads rent free. Wear different aesthetics, try to be sustainable and wear what you want. 


What is written is just what people might be wearing this summer. They are suggestions, not laws. 


5 Must Items for this Summer

As before TikTok has begun new trends recycling old ones and creating new ones becoming viral when they get TikTok likes

1. Basics

 everyone needs their basics to go with their statement pieces this summer. White tanks, Black tanks, oversized white button up or stripped. Items to easily wear alone or dress up for the night. It is not necessarily a trend, but a need. However, getting basics can help with the clean girl look that’s going around a simple white button-down with jeans and gold jewelry. 

2. Denim Shorts 

The long shorts that everyone was wearing last summer are here to stay. The shorts with the dad look are still going to be around as they are comfortable and casual. You can make a cute outfit for daily activities and you can buy a shorter length or keep them how you like them. 

3. Totes 

If you don’t already have a reusable tote where have you been? Totes are a must for this summer you can get them with different prints and can stuff anything and everything in them. Totes come in different sizes and colors. They’re easy to carry and if you are thinking of going to the beach or the market a Tote is a must this summer. 


4. Cargos 

Cargo pants are just starting to blow up again. They are the pants for the summer if you want to just dress down for a day. Cargos are the go to, they are  comfortable and come in different colors. 


5. Skirts 

Every type of skirt in your closet will be the best summer outfit. Tennis skit, micro skirt, and long skirts. Every and any skirt will be it this summer to dress down or go on long walks on the beach skirts are going to be in always. Buy a good skirt, one you can wear every day and not get ruined. And don’t forget to add these light blue HOCO dresses for sale to your list. They look good on everyone and with anything, so buy that skirt you already wanted. 


 This summer will be a mix of amazing aesthetics and that means it’s going to be a colorful and simple summer. Don’t forget to buy linen too that helps with the heat. Moreover, don’t forget to wear what you want this summer.