Weekly Horoscope: September 27 – October 3

Aries: This week you may find yourself with restless energy. You may not know what to do with yourself due to this energy. Aries you are usually a high level energy person meaning that you thrive on your energy. You might be feeling restless because of something you are going through alone. On the bright side, once you deal with this issue you will feel a sense of accomplishment and almost an immediate sense of relief once that restlessness is out of your way. 


Cancer: This week you will come to realize that you are not as focused on yourself than you should be. Cancer you’re a very giving person and you tend to focus on the people in your life that you love. It is time that you treat yourself with that attention and kindness that you give to be everyone else. Take care of yourself and focus on you. 


Taurus: This week you will notice how tired and worn out you are, mentally and physically. Taurus your focus has been on various projects that have caused lack of sleep and rest. For the rest of the week things should slow down. Take advantage and rest. 


Leo: This week you will find yourself being curious about something. Leo not much draws your attention since you are the attention. But this week you will be curious to explore something new and edgy you have never done before. Proceed to explore as you may benefit from this. 


Gemini: This week might start off with some low vibrations. Gemini at the beginning of the week you might be in a “mood”, which is very unlike you. This is your sign to challenge yourself, it isn’t healthy to be stuck in a bad mood. Once you shake up your routine your vibrations will be high again.


Virgo: This week you may be in a position where you might have some hard questions for someone close to you. This may be a close friend or relative. You may not trust this person and although you might end up disappointed. This talk can change your relationship with this person for the better, leading to better communication.


Libra: This week expects some changes. Hearing that may be disappointing since you have finally gotten into a settled and peaceful time in your life. This change makes you feel uncomfortable. It might be uncomfortable  but it is the best thing for you in the long run.  


Capricorn: This week you will finally stand up for yourself. You have been building up for this. This may be related to a personal matter between you, a friendship or a romantic relationship. Capricorn beware since this person might have been taking advantage of you. This is the perfect time to stand up for yourself and move forward without that person. 


Scorpio: This week you will encounter an important person. It might not seem like it at first but don’t be scared to start a conversation with someone different than you. There is a high possibility that this person can be someone you can always count on and your relationship will grow more and more as time goes by. 


Aquarius: This week you may encounter an issue related to your career. You might be having a hard time getting through to someone. Make sure that you are as clear as possible about your approach towards fixing this issue. 


Sagittarius: This week you may start a path that is not familiar to you. It is natural to have questions and be curious after all you are in unknown territory. There is nothing to worry about, you are smart and clever sagittarius. There is nothing that you can’t accomplish.


Pisces: Prepare yourself mentally and physically for a busy week. Look ahead with enthusiasm. You might be busy but it is for the better, you haven’t been yourself lately. Your busy week will give you the confidence boost you need.