Safety Tips: Ride Safe When Riding with Uber or Lyft

Caution is emphasized when ordering a ride after the recent death of a college student who got into a car she mistook for an Uber.

Erika Suarez , Podcast Director

Awareness has elevated for ride-sharing safety after the death of Samantha Josephson. A 21-year-old college student dies last weekend after getting into a car she mistook as her Uber driver. In recent years, at least two dozen women have been attacked after making a similar mistake, according to the New York Times

Asking for your name should be the first thing you ask before entering the car. Advocates say it will help keep the riders safe. Here are additional tips on how to be safe and what you can do, according to law enforcement officials and ride-share companies.

  1. Check the License Plate, make and model of the car
  2. Check the driver’s photo
  3. Ask the driver’s name
  4. Share your ride status with friends and family
  5. Follow the glowing dashboard lights called the beacon and amp that changes colors
  6. Wait indoors for your ride
  7. Sit in the backseat
  8. Don’t share personal info with your driver
  9. Trust your intuition
  10. Call 911. Uber offers an in-app emergency button to connect riders directly to 911 found in the safety center.



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