Podcasts to Listen to Before Class

A Few Good Podcasts to Pass Time & Entertain

Let’s face it, college can be a drag. It might as well be a scientific fact. With ridiculous amounts of work, being constantly riddled with anxiety, all while you’re just barely hanging on by an unhealthy amount of sleep. These are just some examples of how unbearable it can be. As we choose to struggle through, however, we find that the smaller things in life are what help us get through this day to day process.

Here at El Paisano, we’ve found that one of those small things is listening to a podcast. Over the past few years, it seems that the popularity of podcasts has boomed. With new ones popping up left and right. We’re here to show you just a few podcasts that could help you escape harsh reality, even if it is just temporary.

Nine Club

Starting off with the Nine Club, hosted by Professional Skateboarder, Chris Roberts, and co-hosts Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart. This Fairly new podcast is “the podcast that has skaters talking.” With skateboarding legends, professionals, filmers, photographers, and any skateboarding involved guest every week. The Nine Club is the first of its kind, offering skaters a new platform to get their nerd on, other than just Youtube. The Nine Club is available in almost any podcast listening service, and even Youtube.

Dr. Death

Another podcast that’s worth your time is Dr. Death, coming to us from storytelling podcast company Wondery. Dr. Death tells the story of the infamous Doctor Christopher Daniel Dutch, a former neurosurgeon who’s brutal surgical practices sound like something straight out of a B-side horror movie. Not only telling you these atrocities performed by Dr. Dutch, but this podcast also aims to shed light on the U.S. health care system and its many flaws. Ranging over 8 episodes, all clocking in at about thirty minutes, this show will definitely give you some kind of trust issues.

Henry and Heidi

For all the music nerds out there, Henry Rollins podcast with his assistant Heidi May, simply titled Henry and Heidi, is right up your alley. On and off since 2015, with no real set schedule, staying true to Rollins punk ethos. This podcast starts off with May picking one random topic or situation relating to Rollins’ life, followed by him going off on a tangent about it. Pumping you with a bunch of useless knowledge, this podcast will also have you inspired to get up and go. Rollins stories are detailed and put you right there with him. One of the best storytellers hands down.     


Lastly, I leave you with comedian Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF. Maron’s guest range from comedians, actors, musicians, and even former President of the United States Barack Obama. These conversations Maron has with these larger than life figures show us just much they are like us. With hundreds of episodes available, you’re likely to find an interview with at least one of your favorite actors or comedians. You can even watch them on his debut television show, Maron, on the FX channel.

The print version of this article appeared Tuesday, Nov. 6th.