Struggling to write your English paper? The Learning Resource Center is here to help

The Learning Resource Center is a highly-underused resource that is provided to the students here at Rio Hondo. The LRC helps you ease back to writing or researching for an essay from that extensive summer vacation in Maui.

The Learning Resource Center is one of the newest buildings on campus located south beside the Campus Inn.

In the LRC you will find a desk in the middle of the library that is called the Reference desk and that is where you will find the librarians. They are ready to help with any questions you have, from looking for a certain book or helping you how to research for an English class. The librarians will also help with the online search engines that are provided to conduct your research while you are not on campus.

Students taking English and Fire Tech are offered an abundace of classes to teach them the tools of researching.

The library also provides a course called “Fundamentals of Library Research”.  It is a 3-units class that transfers to UC and CSU.

There you will find a printing center as well located next to the circulation desk. You can add cash to your MyPrint account at the copy center, or transfer money online from your PayPal. Copies are 10 cents (black and white) and 1 dollar for color (each).

It is open Monday- Thursday 7:00 am- 9:00pm, Friday 7:00 am- 3:00pm, Saturday 9:00 am- 1:00 pm, Sunday/ holidays CLOSED.


Additional information is provided in Resources in the Rio Hondo College website.