DIY Halloween Costumes For Women

Halloween is next week and there are still plenty of people that have not found the perfect costume. Many people can not make up their minds on selecting the perfect unique Halloween costume. Then others don’t want to spend a lot of money on Halloween costumes since they are only going to use it one night. With this in mind plenty of people feel like it is not worth spending money on a costume so they rather not dress up. It is understandable people have bills to pay and can not afford to buy a costume because they can be a bit to expensive at halloween stores. For this reason, I’m suggesting certain affordable costumes for Women to create for this Halloween. These costumes that I will be suggesting are unique and not difficult to create.
1. Katy Perry “Roar” Music Video

This costume is perfect for the fans of the superstar. For this costume you will need a cheetah print top and a regular black skirt or even a green tutu could work. Then you will need to buy artificial leaves and flowers from stores such as walmart or michael’s. Also, make sure to purchase a hot glue gun to stick the leaves and the flowers onto the skirt or tutu. Then, buy a floral crown or a floral headband. You may find the the floral headband or crown at Forever 21 or any other hair accessory place.

2. A Cowgirl

This is an easy costume that I guarantee you will not spend almost nothing on creating it. To create this costume all you will need is a flannel and a pair of dark blue denim jeans or shorts. Then purchase a cowboy hat and you can find it at stores such as Party City or any halloween store. Lastly buy a pair of cowboy boots that you can find at Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, or any shoe store at the mall.

3. Mini Mouse home made costume

For this costume you will need a solid black long sleeve top and red or burgundy shorts. As a matter of fact, a burgundy or red skirts could be another option instead of wearing shorts. Then, wear minnie mouse ear headband and white gloves. Also wear black knee socks with some red or black flats.

4. Despicable Me Minion Costume

To create the minion costume you need a yellow long sleeve top and denim overalls. Then, use black gloves and with a pair of either black or yellow leggings. Lastly wear goggles to create the minion look. You can make the goggles or buy them from Party city or walmart which are about ten dollars or less. To finish the minion costume look you can wear black combat boots or even all black heels.
I hope this help every women that still does not have a costume for this Halloween and I hope everyone has a great Halloween!!!!