The Eye of the Beholder

Some people look in the mirror and wished they had a different eye color? It is hard to imagine it actually being possible without wearing contacts. Peoples appearance is an important part of one’s identity. Some people use their appearance to express their personality.

Studies show that American women all together spend 7 billion a year on cosmetic and beauty products that average to about $100 a month. Eight out of ten women are dissatisfied with her appearance. Physical attractiveness has overwhelmed today’s society, but what extent will people go to look more attractive?

Brightocular states on it’s website that they will help people change the color or their eyes through a fast fifteen minute procedure. Brightocular is a thin, flexible, silicone implant that is placed into the eye. There is also moist lenses from Pure Optical that can be used temporarily. The implant is a round disk that is available in multiple different colors. There have been multiple implants made through different companies, but have never been approved through the F.D.A.

The only way to do this procedure was to travel outside the United States, until 2012 when Brightocular made an implant that was approved through F.D.A and made it possible to have the procedure done in the states. Before Brightocular, there were multiple foreign doctors who offered this procedure, however, every procedure has risks. The risks that came along with this procedure are said to be “infections, ocular hypertension, iritis, corneal edema, hyphemacorneal decompensation, endothelial cell loss, natural lens opacification, and photophobia and glaucoma.” All that can lead to being blind.

If a procedure goes wrong there is the option of removing the implant, however, it will not reverse the damage done. One celeb that underwent this interesting surgery is famous rapper T.I’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris. She recently went public about her procedure on her Instagram.

Harris stated “I permanently changed my eye color with Brightocluar and lovin it! Huge thanks to the incredible doctor(s) for the amazing experience and for making my dream come true. I hated wearing contacts just for the color and it made my vision blurry! Blessed to say my vision is perfect after my ice-grey implants! Special thanks to the Brightocular staff for ALL that you’ve done to make this process happen, you’re amazing.”

Harris posted a picture of her icy grey eyes also including in the comments a promo code to get an additional percent off with the company. She even made a reference to a past patient who went through with the procedure in Panama. The procedure was unsuccessful and the patient ended up legally blind. Although all materials used to make this product are F.D.A. approved, the product itself is not. Another downside would be that their products are tested on animals.

Another patient of this optical surgery, Anita Adams, flew to Panama to undergo the procedure, however, her results were not so satisfying. Adams vision began to be spotty. She tried reaching out to her doctor and the company, but received no response. Adams did research and found that the company New Color Iris that had multiple mishaps was linked to the company Brightocular which claims to have new safely established products. Either way both companies are not approved through the F.D.A. Adams spent about $7,000 for the procedure, not including the flight to Panama and expenses of the trip. It ended up costing $5,000 to eventually remove the implants, which was covered by medical insurance.

People who complete this procedure but their own health and vision at risk. Is it all worth that risk? Adams stated “If there’s no F.D.A approval, there’s a reason. I’m grateful I didn’t lose my vision!”