Fall Fashion Trends

Summer is officially over and the nasty humid weather is gone! Say hello to Autumn. To many that is a wonderful thing, but to others it can be a sad stressful transformation.

For the ones who love fall or even cooler weather fall fashion trends are in! Bring out the coats, the leggings, over the knee boots, booties, sweater dresses, long sleeved dresses, infinity scarves, mittens, blankets and all things cozy!

According to Elle Magazine the new colors for the fall season are emerald green, oxblood red, navy blue, magenta, olive green and ivory. Also, lets not forget about leather! Leather bags, boots, vests and jackets are in this fall, similarly to a biker inspired look.

Elle Magazine includes the hottest jewelry to wear. They say gold is definitely the way to go! Gold pieces are very popular among accessories at the moment. For example, what is in for this fall season are the gold geometric statement rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and wrist-bracelet rings.

However, these items are very inexpensive. These fall items can be obtained in any shopping mall and even in the Santee Alley in downtown Los Angeles.

Pairing up an outfit for the fall is very easy. It is all about being creative rather than spending a large amount of money to label it as “creative.”

Accessories are very important and a must have! Accessorizing an outfit is so simple and fun. Adding a belt and fendi bag is always a nice look to incorporate with any outfit.

In reference to clothing, the leggings are also a very popular item to be worn during this fall; especially the geometric print leggings. Lets not forget other prints that are in style right now such as animal prints. All types of animal prints starting from leopard to snake prints.

Long sleeved dresses are everywhere! According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, the perfect long sleeved dresses for fall include turtle neck, black leathe, colorful print, over the shoulder, dresses with a peplum hem, floral bodycon, white fringe or asymmetric tuxedo dresses.

Although, just because fall is here does not mean a floral dress cannot still be worn. Not only is floral a print mostly worn in the spring time, it can also be worn for any occasion.

Fringe is also a very common fashion trend among dresses and shirts. It gives a nice detail while adding accessories can be very appealing to the eye.

When dealing with an asymmetric tuxedo dress, keep in mind that it is such a versatile piece to wear especially because it can be worn as is, with accessories or even with a belt. In addition, it is a very sophisticated look for any occasion and/or outing around town with a pair of open toe stilettos.

Fall has so many interesting looks to choose from! Always remember though… boots are also a must have for fall. There would be no fall without boots. Not to mention there would be no fall season without a good cup of hot chocolate to enjoy while wearing those fabulous boots either.