Rock Hard Abs

Many people assume that if they start doing 100 sit-ups everyday that one morning they will wake up with flat toned abs. Then a couple of weeks go by and not much has changed except for the frustration built-up due to no new visible results. Yes, doing 100 sit-up and 100 burpees will help strengthen core muscles, but doing solely this is not the answer to rock hard abs.

The key to melting away excess fat carried in the abdomen is eating healthy foods combined with exercise such as utilizing equipment like the Bowflex Max M6 vs M9. Many students’ diets consist of sugar, salt, white flour, white rice, fried food and processed foods unaware that these foods are the archenemy of a flat tummy. These items also tend to drain the bodies energy and unfortunately are mostly stored in the waistline.

Belly fat is the most stubborn fat to get rid of and almost seems impossible to make disappear. Believe it or not it is very much possible to consume healthy fresh foods along with a few exercises that can help blast that unhealthy, not to mention, unattractive belly fat. You can continue reading here as to what needs to be done in terms of fitness.

With that being said, here are three easy and efficient exercises that can be done at home while watching television or listening to music.


  1. Plank:


Start by getting into a push-up position on the floor and then bend elbows at a 90-degree angle making sure elbows are aligned with shoulders, resting weight on the forearms.  Be sure to force shoulders away from the ears and back should be completely flat forming a straight line from head to toe.

Hold this position for one minute and be sure to engage the core muscles while maintaining steady breathing.

Repeat three times.


  1. Flutters to Scissors:


Start by laying flat face up on the ground, placing hands beneath the lower back. Now raise legs two inches above the ground keeping legs completely straight while engaging the abdomen. Lift right leg as high as possible without bending at the knees, as you bring it back down lift your left leg as high as possible and continue to alternate without resting feet on the ground.

Count out 20 flutters (leg lifts) then go straight to scissors.

Start scissors in the same position as flutters, but now opening and crossing as closing legs keeping feet lifted two inches off the ground.

Do this for 20 reps and repeat three times.




Start by standing up straight then jump straight up as high as possible while lifting arms straight up in the air. Next squat down on the ground with hands in front aligned with the shoulders and kick both feet straight back landing in a push-up position. Lower chest to do a push-up keeping a straight line from head to while engaging the core muscles, now hop forward back into the original squat position and jump straight up while clapping hands straight over head.

Do this for 10 reps and repeat three times.