Style & Sneakers of the week with Pablo Lopez

Name: Ray Santos 20

High School: Nogales HS

Class of: 2011

The SS of the issue goes to Ray Santos, a barber from Walnut who was walking around Rio Hondo in his 2001 Air Jordan 1 Retro black/royal blue aka “Royal 1’s.”

The Air Jordan 1 was originally released in 1985 establishing the starting point of what is now the most iconic sneaker breed of all time.

Originally Released in Black /Red aka “banned 1,” it was illegally worn on the court by Michael Jordan and was fined by the NBA every time he stepped on the court with the shoes.

Commissioner David Stern banned this shoe because it gave Jordan an “unfair” advantage over his competitors. What gave Jordan this unfair advantage? That he didn’t have enough white on the shoe.

In 1985 the “Royals” that Santos was wearing would have cost you a measly $65, in 2001 they wouldve retailed for $80. Santos bought these shoes last year for $250, and that’s cheap considering these shoes can go for over $350.

Santos who collected shoes in seventh grade but doesn’t consider himself a collector anymore owns: Jordans Nike Sb’s some Vans and Asics what some call “holy grails.”

What are your top 3 favorite sneakers of all time?

Santos: “I’ll give you my top 3 Jordans, the royal 1s are third, My second would be the Air Jordan 4 “Breds”, My first would be the Air Jordan 3 “black cement”… all older shoes (older releases) when I buy shoes I don’t ever buy the new releases”

What do you think about this new sneaker hype?

Santos: “It’s cool that people are actually wearing them, but the reason I don’t really buy the new stuff myself is because the new material isn’t the same as the old stuff”

Santos, wearing grey joggers with gold aglets –the plastic tip of your shoe lace – a navy blue vest and gold frames for his eye-wear is influenced by non other than Kanye West –probably one of the most talked about artist, not just for his music or his self-proclamation but for the trends he sets with his style – as well as A$AP ROCKY and Rick Owens.

When asked what he thought about what Nike did with the release of the “Yeezy 2” he laughed in a sense of frustration because he “was kinda mad because I was anticipating them back when they were going to be released” but light spirited Santos said “people got them and that good for them.

What is your favorite pair you own? Santos: “These, my “royals” (cheerfully added) I only paid $250!” Laced or Unlaced? Santos: “Always laced”

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