Will Netflix Release Season 4 of Formula 1: Drive to Survive?

With multiple new movies and originals Netflix released, they continue to expand their categories, touching bases in the sports realm. Formula 1: Drive to Survive makes their headstrong comeback with  three seasons. With the rapid release of their seasons being one year apart, there are speculations to continue for another year.

Formula 1 Recap

In 2019, Netflix introduced a series of behind the scenes in Formula One racing. From Lewis Hamilton to Daniel Riccardo, viewers watched the process and preparations of drivers and teams. Throughout the seasons, changes and technicalities begin to interfere. Following certain drivers, fans were able to get an inside look in what they experience before each Grand Prix. With the docuseries being a huge success, Netflix released their third season in March of 2021. As COVID-19 hit worldwide, viewers were able to get in touch in the fast moving adjustments to the sport. Along with the pandemic drama, other situations begin to unfold. Following the downfall of Ferrari, Redbull continues to look for their perfect second driver. As drivers Sergio Perez, Sebastian Vettel and Carlos Sainz sign with their new team, the Haas team struggles to replace their drivers.

What’s Happening with Season 4?

Reaching the top charts on Netflix, fans are still expecting the series to continue. As 96 winning champion Lewis Hamilton becomes COVID-19 positive, Sergio Perez moves to Redbull and Carlos Sainz to Ferrari, many are intrigued to see what will happen next. Although Netflix has not officially announced a fourth season, several outlets including “What’s on Netflix” reported cameras following Formula 1. If the rumors are true, the fourth season would be covering at the time of the 2021 World Championship. Packed with juicy information from season three, fans are excited to see what to follow during this massive year. With the lack of attendance in person due to COVID-19, this docuseries fulfills everyone’s exhilaration for speed, drama, and rivalry.