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Putting The Fun in Fundraising

Photo Credit: Sierra Uribe

The Boo Bash hosted by the Inter Club Council is an annual event. The Inter Club Council works together with clubs. They organize events on campus in order to have a successful year full of events.

Jonathan Oliva, Inter Club Council chair said, “We had a good time, we might be small but the memories here at Rio is what matters most.” 

The event consisted of a maze, games with prizes and a costume contest. Clubs such as Pre Law Society, Photo League, Victory, Queer Initiative, Archery, Puente and Auto Clubs were all a part of the Boo Bash. All physically bringing things to the table for not only the event itself but also for the community. 

The event did its job on providing both the spooky spirit on campus for students and providing information on the clubs on campus.  

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The Auto Club provided morning treats for students to get ready for the day. Stay tuned for the upcoming car show taking place on November 18th.

The Queer Initiative Club raffled off spooky baskets and whittier village cinemas movie tickets. “The club itself is a safe space for both sides of the community with the goal of making Rio Hondo safe for all,” said counselor Martin Covarrubias. “We provide hangout spaces, study sessions, support groups and informational meetings,” said group member Matthew Barcena. With the idea of joining such a club, members are aware that joining is not the easiest decision to make. “I was that person nervous to join, for anyone nervous, come on down, try it out, we are here to help” said Barca.

The Photo League Club filled their table with Salvadoran sweet bread and Chicharrones available for sale alongside decorative spooky dolls. “We go around the community and take interesting photos,” said Teresa Avina. 

Jonathan Oliva and Kal El were dressed as Ghost face. Student Cristian Cazares dressed up as Pennywise the clown in correspondence with the theme of the Victory Club. 

The maze in the lower quad kept Boo Bash goers entertained. To be on their toes, they were required to sign a waiver before entering the maze. “The boo bash was fun, I love Halloween so it was cute,” said student Alex Villallon.

The Pre Law Society club made an appearance at the event by selling cookies and coffee. While selling goods, their goal is to educate and expand the horizon when it comes to the law field. 

A newly founded club such as the victory club brings education and awareness around sexual assault. Empowerment is the end goal of workshops. The club sold Churros alongside a sign up sheet for students. 

Henna Tattoos and Halloween face painting services were present. “We have done the Boo Bash for 2 to 3 years now, we have had a great time here, we have worked Olvera Street, Montebello City Park as well as the Civic Center,” said professional face painter, Karen Garcia. Pins, stickers and accessories were available for sale at their table. 

The Boo Bash took place at Rio Hondo on Monday, October 30th and on Tuesday October 31st. 



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Sierra Uribe
Sierra Uribe, Co-Editor in Chief
Sierra Uribe is a Freshman at Rio Hondo College who is majoring in Photojournalism. She graduated from El Rancho High School and is from Pico Rivera, California. After two years at Rio Hondo she hopes to transfer to a four year university. Sports photography is her favorite and she hopes to make a career out of this interest. Her dream is to become a photographer for a professional baseball team or work in the media department for a team. She recently discovered her passion for photography during her senior year in high school. In her free time, she enjoys journaling, swimming, listening to music, taking pictures and being with her friends and family. Her favorite sport is baseball and her favorite team is the Los Angeles Dodgers. Sierra hopes to make the most out of her first year at Rio Hondo by capturing events and news on campus for all students to see.

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