Rio Hondo Day at LA county fair


The Rio Hondo Outreach Team made it possible to connect with LA county Fair to be part of ‘College Days’ on September, 25 2015. Everyone received a free admission ticket on their Acess Rio portal.

In order to enter the fair student or staff must print their ticket and bring their student id or business card.

This past Friday, the LA county fair was full of college students, and it sure look like they were having fun. ” Thanks Rio hondo for making this possible for college students, I had so much fun” – Melissa Hernandez said,Rio Hondo student.


LA County first opened in 1922 where they had 5 successful days Oct 17- Oct 21 at a cost of 63 thousand dollars. Also, this year it marks 92 years of entertainment.

Their so much fun things to do at the La county fair such as looking at art, concerts , fair animals, food , rides , games and so much more.

They are so many good advantages at the LA county fair, Thursdays if you bring 3 or more school supplies and receive a free admission ticket or  Food Drive Fridays, presented by Ralphs, Fridays noon – 6 p.m. Donate five canned goods and receive free admission.

Admission tickets $12 for adults, $6 for ages 6-12 and  Seasonal Pass, $29.99 for ages 6 and older.

So for who ever took advantage on the free admission on Friday they saved up a little bit of money for food or other expensives.