Channel Zero: No-End House Review


Screenshot from Syfy YouTube channel

Danielle Anzures, Reporter

Syfy came out with the idea to adapt short online horror stories, known as creepypastas, into full fledge seasons for a show called Channel Zero. Last year it aired its first season and tackled Kris Straub’s Candle Cove, this season Syfy is bringing Brian Alan Russell’s No-End House to life and so far it’s decent.

The thing that sets the show going is a haunted house that’s meant to psychologically mess with people who go into it, with the next room getting progressively more frightening than last.

Our, four college aged, main characters are looking for thrills so they enter the house along with a group of background characters. As they continue through the rooms three characters are gone before even reaching the third room and the audience is left to continue the story with the main four, primarily Margot played by Amy Forsyth.

The first episode does make the audience want to know what happens next, but the scenes are a hit and miss. Most the most exciting parts for the the first 30 minutes were in the first two and half minutes, as the story continues we learn about the main character and her situation and meet with her new and old friends; Jules played by Aisha Dee, J.D. (Seamus Patterson) and Seth (Jeff Ward).

The story and horror element doesn’t really kick until the house is physically introduced. After that it gets more fun, not only do we see the main characters interact with the house, but background characters set up the atmosphere for what’s to come.

This show itself is interesting, the whole series is a fun concept similar to the likes of American Horror Story. What really gives it a cool spin is the fact that it’s based off a short internet story yet it’s more than likely going to have a different ending than the original. As it continues this could get more weird and give Twilight Zone feel to it.

In terms of visuals the scenes look well shot most of the time, there a slips into the shaky camera angle, but it does a good job of creating a specific atmosphere for each scene. Also the effects are pretty well done, while this is a horror series so far they’re staying away from jump scares. Anything that could be considered scary is typically build up to and makes sense within the story being told.

The characters currently aren’t the best, but they aren’t annoying either. The characters aren’t melodramatic or feel like dumb teenagers featured in poorly done horror movies, but you won’t immediately like them all either. Along with the pretty great acting the next few episodes will more likely expand the characters and flesh them out, but for now the one with the most development in Margot.

If you’re a fan of horror check the series out the first episode, This Isn’t Real, can be watched on Syfy’s YouTube channel and if you have the time give it a watch and see if it’s for you.