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“Halloween Kills” is the newest chapter in the “Halloween” franchise. During its opening weekend, “Halloween Kills” slayed the box office, generating $50.4 million, despite also streaming on Peacock.

Halloween Kills Review

Ryan Leon, Online Editor-in-Chief October 19, 2021

"Halloween Kills," the sequel to the 2018 revival film "Halloween," is the latest installment in the long running "Halloween" franchise. It premiered on Oct 15, is currently playing in a theater near you, and streaming on Peacock. Directed once again by David Gordon Green, "Halloween Kills" picks up...

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A pumpkin and cobwebs signifying the start of the Halloween spooky season.

2021 Halloween Events in Southern California

Cassidy Anderson October 11, 2021

Spooky season is here, and every year the Halloween holiday brings loads of fun events to participate in. From pumpkin-carving to horrifying mazes, the options are endless. Here’s a list of the top attractions to bring friends and family to this season.  Halloween-Themed Concerts “The Nightmare...

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Halloween Horror Nights promotion billboard at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights: Giving Us the Comeback we Have All Been Waiting For

Valeria Yanez and Yasmine Poot September 10, 2021

Covid Precautions Halloween Horror Nights 2021 is back this year with its greatest comeback yet. Last year's Covid-19 pandemic forced Universal studios to cancel halloween horror nights last October 2020. Here are some things that have changed. Universal is taking precautions by providing their...

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Beloved Horror Icon, Sid Haig, Dies at 80

Megan De Lara, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 27, 2019

Horror icon Sid Haig passed away due to a lung infection on Saturday, September 21. The actor, famous for his roles in films such as Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses, was 80 years old. The heartbreaking news came just one week after the release of his latest film, “3 From Hell.” "My heart,...

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The I Like Scary Movies Experience

Sara Rose, Staff Writer April 12, 2019

For the horror fans, there’s a new art exhibit in Los Angeles called, the I Like Scary Movies Experience. There was a grand opening on April 4th, and it will be open until June 16th. It showcases some of Hollywood’s favored horror films. Warner Bros Consumer Products and Ultra Productions have...

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Photo courtesy of Childs Play Movie Twitter.

A “Child’s Play” Reboot is Coming and Yes the Killer Doll is Named Chucky

Danielle Anzures, Reporter November 19, 2018

There hasn’t been a shortage of Child’s Play movies for a while. Since it’s original release in 1988 the killer doll has starred in seven movies total and the most recent one came out last year. But for the first time, Child’s Play is joining the slasher film ranks and is getting a remake. New...

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A preview of the maze that will take place in the Wray Theatre this Halloween.

The Multiverse of Film Club is Bringing a Horror Maze to Rio Hondo

Enter the maze, if you dare.
Danielle Anzures , Reporter October 30, 2018
The Pennywise themed maze comes to the Wray theater with help from members of The Multiverse of Film Club.
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Netlfix brings new chilling movie and TV shows for October and there is a little something for everyone. From vampires, killer dolls, to paranormal.

10 Movies You’ll Regret Watching From Netflix and Chills

Betsy Segura , Staff Writer October 26, 2018

Planning a movie marathon, but not quite sure what to watch yet? There are many classics, remakes, and a few unfamiliar and alluring films that will scare the bejeezus out of you. Not through gore, but through inevitable fear. Here are our top ten picks for you. 1. The Shining A 1980 classic horror...

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Rio Talk: Horror Films

Jonathan Meza and Leo Villanueva October 25, 2018

Horror films have changed throughout time and within the time many people have become aware that the genre isn't what it used to be. Horror films are being taken over by jump scares instead of implying true horror. What are your thoughts?

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The Nun: Movie Review

The Nun: Movie Review

Another Film in The Conjuring Universe Scares Up The Box Office with Mixed Reviews.
Evelyn Vargas, Reporter September 20, 2018

A white chalky skin with eyes filled with evil and bloody fangs. The Nun made scary appearances in several films of “The Conjuring” franchise. Now with the release of “The Nun,” it gives a vivid explanation and scenario as to when this character began. The film take you through its beginning,...

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Miriam Mead a leader of the devil-cult and played by Kathy Bates

American Horror Story Returns with a Season 8!

Cesar E. Gonzalez, Opinion/Lifestyle Editor September 17, 2018

People marked their calendars for Ryan Murphy’s latest season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. That aired live on September 12, 2018, on channel FX. Since his last season called “American Horror Story: Cult,” aired from September 5 – November 14, 2017. It wasn’t until April of 2018...

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A Quiet Place stars Emily Blunt (above) and John Krasinski. They play parents protecting their family in the woods from creatures that hear everything.

A Quiet Place: Horror Can Make You Cry

Michael Khuraibet, Digital Editor-in-Chief April 6, 2018

Jordan Peele broke the mold with his 2017 directorial debut, the Oscar-winning Get Out. Going from MADtv to helming a horror flick was unlikely to be a success, but Peele pulled it off. So what happens when Jim from The Office tries his hand at directing? The result, A Quiet Place, is a fearless...

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