Twitter Blue: A Total Failure?


Photo Credit: Beatriz A. Martinez

Twitter is currently one of the most used social networks globally.

Last Wednesday, a new Twitter Blue update was released causing a great disaster in the app.

But what is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is a subscription service that Twitter offers to its users. This new update allows users to earn the verification badge by paying $7.99 per month, as well as enhanced and complementary features to the Twitter experience such as themes, editing tweets, bookmark folders, and custom app icons. So far, this service is only available for iOS users in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, with expansion plans.

As most people know, verification was previously only available to public figures, or well-known brands and Twitter took the time to verify account eligibility. So, when this update was made public, many of the non-famous users took advantage of it, causing Twitter to be filled with imposters.

Due to the new paid verification, many well-known influencers and companies have been cloned. People like former President George W. Bush who, from the verified fake account, tweeted, “he misses killing Iraqis.” Current Twitter owner, Elon Musk, was also a victim, as several verified accounts were created under his name. Also, an image of Mario Bros. giving everyone the finger was uploaded by a fake Nintendo account. Similarly, the large pharmaceutical “Eli Lilly and Company” was affected after a fake account tweeted that insulin would be free.

Twitter Blue Suspended

After all the chaos he caused on social media, Musk, on Thursday night, temporarily stopped accepting new Twitter Blue subscriptions. According to the official Twitter website, “Twitter accounts created on or after November [sic] 9, 2022, will be unable to subscribe to Twitter Blue at this time.” However, the founder of Tesla hasn’t said if this pause will be permanent or if it will be available later.

The chaos with Twitter Blue is happening while Musk is going through a lot of criticism. In recent weeks, Twitter has faced massive layoffs and it is estimated that half of its employees will be fired. Musk is also being heavily criticized for the new Twitter Blue update, with many calling this an anticipated flop.