Halo Infinite Came Early


Justin Gomez

Halo Infinite has finally arrived after a long wait and so far it was worth the wait.

On Nov 15,  Halo Infinite dropped early. Three weeks early to be exact which got a positive reaction by the community. People have been waiting a whole year for this game to drop. It was delayed so much due to the pandemic so the developers ran into a lot of road bumps. This upset a lot of people when the news first came out but after playing the new game, it’s safe to say it was worth the wait. Halo Infinite has dropped with many features in the game that so many people can enjoy. This goes from casual multiplayer playing, to competitive multiplayer, and as well as a campaign so the community has options.

Free to Play Multiplayer

With the drop of Halo Infinite this is also the first Halo that comes with a free to play multiplayer. The past few Halos that have come out have been $60 each. With that not a lot of them saw a lot of success other than the most recent one, Halo 5 Guardians. Since that game was so good people had high expectations going into Halo Infinite. So far they have not disappointed. Since multiplayer is free they are seeing a lot more people play the game and enjoy it as well. Also with it being free it is bringing in a lot of new people into the game which is what any developer would want. This is only the beginning of the game too so they are probably gonna release new content later down the line.


Playing the campaign is up to the people because the campaign cost $60. Seems like a lot for just a campaign but there’s more to it. Playing it will allow you to unlock rewards that you can use in multiplayer. Not only that but you will also get progression into the game’s battle pass which is the game’s way to give you more free items. If you can’t finish the battle pass by the end of the season then the developers gave you an option. You can either continue it even after the end date in order to get any items you missed out on. The second option is to just leave the first battle pass and move onto the next one. Either way the campaign is a good way to help that progression on whatever you decide.

Competitive Support

Finally, one of the best parts of the game is the amount of competitive support it got from the developers. Esports are a big side of video games and they bring a lot of people to the game. On day one of this game’s release they already have a ranked mode for competitive players to play. Not only that but they’re team skins people can buy. For example there’s FaZe Clan, Team Envyus, and Sentinels. The Halo Championship Series or HCS for short already has a road map for the first year of events. The first event will be the HCS Kickoff in Raleigh, North Carolina. There will be a total of 272 teams there which is a sold out event. So far the future of competitive Halo is looking pretty bright.