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A friendly face, a lover of basketball, wanna-be Head coach, future sports journalist: Jonathon Carmona. Currently attending Rio Hondo Community College, Jonathon is aiming for his AA in Journalism and will be continuing his education, transferring to a 4-year and working towards a BA and so on. Never afraid to venture into the unknown, Jonathon is an editor for the Science and Tech section of the El Paisano Newspaper, a genre he believes plays a huge part in this future of ours.


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NASA has recorded powerful gamma rays and X-rays coming from space. They believed the rays are coming from a star that has just died and the birth of a black hole. The dying star produced some of the most powerful GRBs NASA has ever recorded.

A Dying Star Went Out in Style

Written by Jonathon Carmona Nov 30, 2022

Oct. 9, telescopes worldwide, and a few more around the solar system, detected X-rays and gamma rays flying through space. Telescopes all around detected the rays and immediately turned their attention...

Graphic by Jonathon Carmona El Paisano Media

Extreme Weather Changes

Written by Jonathon Carmona Nov 30, 2022

Climate change is a real and serious matter. Our planet, as a whole, is warming up at a speed that has increased over time. You may ask, “Why?” There is a multitude of reasons, but the simple answer...

Observatory Nights at Rio Hondo

Observatory Nights at Rio Hondo

Written by Jonathon Carmona Nov 9, 2022

If you are looking for a date night, a way to see the stars, or simply a way to spend your Friday night, look no further. The Observatory at Rio Hondo hosts what they call “Observatory Nights” every...

Graphic by Jonathon Carmona El Paisano Media
A meteoroid landed on Mars last Dec. The impact caused a crater to form and chunks of ice were released from under the crust. Scientists could use these chunks in future missions to Mars.

A Fresh Crater Detected by InSight

Written by Jonathon Carmona Nov 2, 2022

A fresh, new crater has been detected on Mars by NASA’s InSight lander. A meteoroid that landed on Mars last year was the cause of this new crater.  The Ground is Shaking NASA’s InSight lander recorded...

Photo by Jonathon Carmona El Paisano Media
Chris Carter is the host of Breakfast with The Beatles. Hes been the host of the radio show since 2001. This show was live from the Hard Rock Cafe.

A Breakfast with The Beatles

Written by Jonathon Carmona Oct 21, 2022

Sunday morning, the radio station 95.5 KLOS presented Breakfast with the Beatles as they always do. However,  this time Chris Carter performed his disk jockey duties live.  Warm Welcome Breakfast with...

New Images of Europa

New Images of Europa

Written by Jonathon Carmona Oct 14, 2022

NASA's spacecraft Juno provided new images of Jupiter’s icy moon. Juno has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016.  Providing the Goods Juno captures images by performing flybys and snapping images. This...

Graphic by Jonathon Carmona for El Paisano Media
All humans are born and wired differently. Is evil made? Or does evil not exist and it is just by chance that some people turn out to be serial killers? Think of an answer, then think of another one.

Dahmer and an Examination of the Chances of Evil

Written by Jonathon Carmona Oct 5, 2022

Jeffrey Dahmer, for those who don't know, was a serial killer and sex offender who killed 17 people. He did not just murder his victims, he also dismembered them and ate some of the remains.  A Chance...

Researchers have Grown Plants in Gathered Moon Soil

Written by Jonathon Carmona May 22, 2022

A new breakthrough in space survival is upon humankind. One that could possibly affect the way we travel through space for years to come.  Horticulture of the Future For the first time in human history,...

Plastic-Eating Enzyme Could Regulate Plastic Pollution Problem

Written by Jonathon Carmona May 22, 2022

Every day humans throw trash on the floor. Whether it is you or not, it happens. The bad part is the effects of such acts have only been detrimental to the planet. Recycling alone would greatly reduce...

Blood Moon Rising in May

Written by Jonathon Carmona May 22, 2022

Throughout human history, people have looked toward the sky often asking themselves the tougher questions. Questions about themselves, questions about their life, and even questions about what they are...

Why Do We Stutter?

Written by Jonathon Carmona May 22, 2022

A child’s brain is a very sensitive piece of elaborate hardware. There are too many factors to count that could affect a child’s brain development. Depending on the way the brain develops, a child...

Mega Comet the size of Rhode Island heading toward Earth

Written by Jonathon Carmona May 22, 2022

A “mega comet” with an estimated diameter of 80 miles wide, bigger than Rhode Island, is heading toward the direction Earth is in. For those who watched the Netflix film, “Don’t Look Up”, fear...

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Released in California

Written by Jonathon Carmona May 22, 2022

  Mosquitoes have riddled the Earth for millions of years, since the Jurassic period. These dinosaurs are known to carry diseases that can spread to humans, and some can be fatal. Mosquitoes spread...

Distant Planets to be visible during Month of April

Written by Jonathon Carmona May 21, 2022

Since the dawn of man, we have all looked to the stars. Sometimes for answers to questions that we’ll never get and sometimes just to gaze at the skies above us. One thing always remains constant, the...

Endurance Shipwreck Endured the Antarctic After-all

Written by Jonathon Carmona May 21, 2022

The term “endurance” is defined as; the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. Endurance is what 27 men showed back in 1915 and today their story...

James Webb Telescope: First Test Image, Better Expectations

Written by Jonathon Carmona May 21, 2022

The answers to our questionable existence might actually be within our reach. Thanks to the James Webb Telescope, the questions of the birth of our universe, the first light in the universe itself, and...

Leftover Rocket Impacts Moon at 5,800MPH

Written by Jonathon Carmona May 19, 2022

As of March 4 at 4:25a.m., a leftover piece of a space rocket has been predicted to have made an impact on the Moon’s surface.  Rocket Power The 3-ton piece of a rocket was traveling at 5,800 mph...

Physics Nobel Prize Decides Climate Change is Worth the Fight

Written by Jonathon Carmona Nov 15, 2021

Climate change is a steep hill battle, but the tree on the hill bears the sweetest fruit.  The Prize Winners The Nobel Prize is five separate prizes that are awarded to ”those who, during the preceding...

3-D Printed Vaccines Eliminate the Pain

Written by Jonathon Carmona Nov 15, 2021

Needles No More The days of long needles, angry nurses, and seeing grown men panic may be over, at least, for the most part.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated about 25% of adult...

The Large Hole over the South Pole is Earth’s Ozone

Written by Jonathon Carmona Oct 1, 2021

There is a hole in Earth’s Ozone layer, larger than Antarctica, over the South Pole and it is not getting smaller.  The Hole of Depletion During the Southern hemisphere’s Springtime, which is from...

Woolly Mammoths May Return to Earth

Written by Jonathon Carmona Sep 23, 2021

  Hieroglyphics have been drawn, fossils have been found, stories have been told, but the legend of woolly mammoths may not end there as we head toward the future.  A Colossal Idea After having...

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