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Russia Invades Ukraine; US Responds with Sanctions as the World Watches

Written by Lorenzo Arce, Copy Editor
Feb 25, 2022

On Feb 24, President Vladimir Putin announced Russian troops are undertaking what he calls “special military action” across Ukraine. This is the largest...

Editorial: Some Things will Never Change

Written by Lorenzo Arce, Copy Editor
Oct 8, 2021

A Hopeful Viewpoint   Weeks ago, a discussion board was assigned . It asked students to analyze a speech from Barack Obama. He addressed a crowd in...

“Justice for J6” Rally Mostly Uneventful

Written by Lorenzo Arce, Copy Editor
Sep 18, 2021

The right-wing “Justice for J6” event scheduled for Sept 18 ended without major incident. A large law enforcement presence met the smaller than expected...

Israel and Palestine shell each other; Igniting Long Standing Tensions

Written by Lorenzo Arce, Copy Editor
May 19, 2021

Starting May 10, the States of Israel and the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip have bombarded each other relentlessly. This marks the...

Rise in Latino Street Vendor Attacks

Written by Lorenzo Arce, Copy Editor
Mar 5, 2021

For about two years, videos of Latino street vendors being robbed and beat in California and other predominantly Hispanic states have circulated the internet....


Trump’s Tax Records are in Possession of Manhattan District Attorney

Written by Valeria Yanez
Mar 2, 2021

The District Attorneys Office of Manhattan has taken hold of ex-president Donald Trump's tax records. This Monday's last ruling gained access to Trump's...

Joe Biden to Become the 46th President of the United States

Kamal Harris Makes History as First Woman Elected Vice President
Written by Sam Garcia, News Editor
Nov 7, 2020

It’s a historical event. It's projected that Joe Biden will win the 2020 presidency and become the 46th President of the United States, according to...

Guide to Voting 2020

Written by Clarissa Martinez, Digital Associate Editor
Sep 16, 2020

With Election Day right around the corner, the USPS is expected to be running the show this year due to the ongoing pandemic. USPS will be mailing every...

Bernie Sanders Unveils Plans to Save Journalism

Bernie Sanders unveils plans to save journalism and bring the 4th Estate bring to its former glory.
Sep 3, 2019

In an op-ed written by Bernie Sanders himself posted to the Colombian Journalism Review, he revealed his plans to combating the failing state of journalism. The...

Trump Administration Expands On Immigration Rule

The topic of Immigration has been a source of a heated debate in America and a thorn in President Trump’s side.
Written by Leo John Villanueva, Reporter
Oct 3, 2018
President Trump made campaign promises to reform immigration, build a great wall, and make Mexico pay for it. He has been trying to make good on that promise since

Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump

Written by Dante Lopez- Bennett, Copy Editor
Apr 16, 2018

Prior to my analysis of conservative America’s most renowned of champions, there should be an understanding that they will go down in history for their...

Elected Leaders Of Whittier’s Future

Whittier's Semi-Final Election Results:
Written by Noah Garcia, Associate Editor
Apr 11, 2018
The city of Whittier has re-elected Joe Vinatieri as Mayor with district two and four’s representatives going into the semi-final ballot count , April 4 2018. The polls were open from Six a.m. to 8 p.m., with the votes being tallied and recorded until later that night around 11.
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