Trump’s Tax Records are in Possession of Manhattan District Attorney


The District Attorneys Office of Manhattan has taken hold of ex-president Donald Trump’s tax records. This Monday’s last ruling gained access to Trump’s long-awaited and sealed tax records. Danny Frost declared that the subpoena is against the ex-president. The subpoena will include access to Trump’s corporate and personal records that date back to 2011. 

During Trump’s last two presidential campaigns, he refused to release his tax records publicly while fighting for more than a year to gain access to Trump’s tax records. Vance declared this is a long-running investigation. In early outbursts of the investigation there were claims regarding hush money. Trump gave money on his behalf to multiple women to keep quiet. Donald Trump later denied the affairs. 

Previous Investigations

According to recent court files, The Trump Organization is under investigation for possible insurance fraud. Trump denies those allegations against The Trump Organization. The Trump Organization is under investigation. Trump believes the prosecutors are biased. Vance is investigating whether Trump or his business lied about tax benefits and assets’ value.

During Trump’s presidential position in August of 2019, his lawyers argued to the Supreme Court that he could not be investigated. The Supreme court denied this plea. The lawyers representing Trump said the subpoena was under bad terms. The court rejected it, and the Supreme court will not intervene. 

Tax records

The publication of former president Trumps tax records is something every body wants. District Attorney Vance is in possession of the records. According to New York Law grand jury hearings are confidential. Therefore the public will not receive Trumps tax records. Unless District Attorney Vance uses those documents as evidence to charge Trump. 

“In our judicial system, ‘the public has a right to every man’s evidence.’ Since the earliest days of the Republic, ‘every man’ has included the President of the United States.” – John Roberts