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Elected Leaders Of Whittier’s Future

Whittier's Semi-Final Election Results:

Noah Garcia, News Editor

 Mayor Joe Vinatieri Councilmembers Henry Bouchot & Fernando Dutra    

The city of Whittier has re-elected Joe Vinatieri as Mayor with district two and four’s representatives going into the semi-final ballot count , April 10 2018.

The polls were open from Six a.m. to 8 p.m., with the votes being tallied and recorded until later that night around 11. Mayor Joe Vinatieri was re-elected with a total of 5301 votes, within Raquel McLeod second with 1027, Rolando Cano coming in third with 663 and L. Leon Savage in fourth with 191.

For District four, candidate Henry Bouchot won with  990 votes,in second with 889 Bob Henderson, in third was Irella Perez 478, fourth being with Eric Leckey with 64 and last was Vincent McLeod IV with 51 . For District 2 with Fernando Dutra winning with 1235, while Lizette Escobedo lost getting 1130 votes.                                                       

Although the mayoral candidate is solidified, there are still votes to be counted to concluded the semifinale phase of the councemen election. The remaining vote by mails/ provisional votes will be counted wed 11: which is  where a voter that’s mailed in their ballot or are registered to vote by mail, which is where they do extra work to make sure that the vote is verified and counted once. Although there are 549 uncounted votes that were turned in on tuesday that still need to be counted for.

The seats in the council representing districts one and three will be voted on in 2020. During the race, several controversies took place over the duration of campaigning including: several negative campaign mailers targeting the challengers, complaints against large influx of campaign dollars to certain candidates, and as well as a confusion with filling out the ballots.

For the final results of the entire election, you can visit ElPaisanoOnline.com.

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Elected Leaders Of Whittier’s Future