What’s Next for Ben Simmons

As of  right now the future of Ben Simmons is still unclear. This is due to the fact that he has yet to be traded. Simmons has not gotten the results he has wanted in the past couple years. Something he has accomplished is the Rookie of the Year award in 2018. Even though he was drafted in 2017 since he was injured that year technically his first year was 2018. Most people can only assume that Ben Simmons wants to win a championship so he would most likely want to be traded to a contending team. For the time being it looks like he just wants out of Philadelphia.

Issues with Philadelphia

The Philadelphia 76ers have had their fair share of issues as an organization. Since drafting Simmons it just seems like they can’t get past the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Even though they have a star center in Joel Embiid they just can’t win a series. In the past four seasons they have lost to the Boston Celtics twice, once to the Toronto Raptors, and the most recent one to the Atlanta Hawks. Last year may have been the most shocking since they were the heavy favorites to win the series. They ended up losing to Trae Young and the Hawks in seven games and that was the last straw for Simmons.

Almost traded to Brooklyn

Since requesting a trade there has been many rumors to teams he could have been traded too. One of the most recent ones being to the Brooklyn Nets. It was about to be a Kyrie Irving for Ben Simmons trade straight up. According to reporters this trade would have happened if it wasn’t for Kevin Durant. Durant voiced to the Nets front office that he wasn’t a fan of this trade and that he wanted to keep Irving. Most people will say that Durant made the correct decision since Irving has been performing better than Simmons and he just fits the team better as well.

Ideal Landing Spots

With the NBA season just around the corner many people are still wondering where he will land. The front runners to actually land Simmons are the Portland Trailblazers and the Houston Rockets. If Simmons were to go to Portland then it would have to be for a player like CJ McCollum and a few other players or draft picks. If he were to go to Houston it would have to be for a player like John Wall. Wall has recently requested a trade from the Houston Rockets so most people thought that they would trade him to the 76ers for Simmons. With under a month before the season starts expect a trade to go down soon.