Halloween 2022 Most Popular Costume Predictions

Here was what some of your Rio classmates predict the most popular costume this year will be. Spooky season is here and everyone is in a frenzy to pick their Halloween costume. The year was filled with so many iconic pop culture moments and incredible shows and movies that it is difficult to pick just one. 

Superheroes have taken over the cinemas. The marvel cinematic universe has skyrocketed in popularity and there will likely be many Spidermen, She-hulks, and Daredevils out on the streets Halloween night. 

Stranger Things is a Halloween staple by now. Following its season 4 release, expect to see an abundance of Eddie Munsons and Number 1s. Look out for yet another strange Halloween. 

Everyone is talking about Euphoria and its over-the-top and impeccable costume design. Cassie and Maddy’s iconic style created plenty of Halloween costume moments. Whether it be in a cheerleader costume or the iconic New Years party outfit, expect to see plenty of Cassie and Maddy duos this Halloween season.