Student Speak Out

In regards to the shooting in Oregon, what are you willing to die for, and why?

Student Speak Out Robert Coffman

Robert Coffman 53, What I’m will to die for is Jesus Christ, my Lord and savior because of the fact that he died for us first and has given us a second chance at life to be able to come to Him, I know that without Him in my life I can do nothing.


Student Speak Out Giovanni Hernandez

Giovanni Hernandez 18, I would die for family, and family doesn’t always have to be blood, it could someone you hangout with, chill with you know? The squad. Family is what’s important in life, those that you can count on no matter what.


Student Speak Out Batrice Sosa

Batrice Sosa 18, Ok, the shooter had said something about if you’re a Christian stand up, so I believe you should stand up for your religion, what you believe in, and if that’s what you truly believe in, then you’ll be willing to die for it.