Are Pageants Worth It?

I honestly do not see pageants as being harmful in any way. They are very beneficial and help you become a better person. They are very beneficial because they offer scholarships and learning skills that you will need in the future.

Beauty pageants are seen to be negative in a woman’s life. Many people believe that pageants make women feel insecure and that it affects their self-esteem. Experts believe that the pressure on girls to look perfect may lead to health problems such as eating disorders and depression.

Plenty of people believe pageants are worthless because the winner of the crown is not necessarily the most intelligent. Many individuals simply believe pageants are unnecessary. In my opinion, I feel pageants are not harmful and help women gain confidence.

As of today, many pageants in America do not really look for appearance in a contestant. Many pageant programs look for the complete package in a contestant such as education, outstanding personalities that will shine on camera, and the vision of a better future in many areas of our lives.

As a matter of fact, there are several pageants that give out Scholarships to the winner to further her education.

For example, I’m currently a contestant for the ‘Miss Friendly El Monte/ South El Monte pageant association.’ My experience from these past months have been wonderful and very helpful. When I got accepted to be one of the contestants I felt very honored because there were many girls that applied and to be one of them was very exciting.

To be a contestant in the Miss Friendly El Monte/ South El Monte pageant the requirements were to obtain a 2.5 GPA or higher and be involved in the community. The winner of the pageant will receive $15,000 in scholarship.

Furthermore, this pageant is not looking for the prettiest girl but the girl who is capable and responsible to represent El Monte and South El Monte. This pageant has taught me important factors that I know I will always use; which are confidence, communication skills, and interviewing.

I learned a lot of communication skills because during the months of July and August I had events in the community. These events were concerts at the park that took place at local parks in the city of El Monte.

At these events I had to sell raffle tickets along with the other contestants. These events helped me get out of my comfort zone and be more open because I’m very shy. At these events I noticed that my communication skills were becoming more effective and I felt more confident.

The increase in confidence helped me become more social and be more involved. For example, last month the contestants and I had the wonderful opportunity to give out free school supplies to children that come from low-income families. Giving to families in need made me feel good because seeing their faces of joy when they received the supplies made me happy.

This pageant has definitely been a blessing in my life because it has given me a higher self-esteem. Throughout my pageant experience I have never felt pressured to look a certain way and be a certain size.

My coordinators and everyone around me including the other nine contestants have been very helpful and very supportive. I love being one of the contestants because it has definitely been something different and a very great experience.

I honestly do not see pageants as being harmful in any way. They are very beneficial and help you become a better person. They are very beneficial because they offer  scholarships and learning skills that you will need in the future.

As a student these types of pageants that offer scholarships as the main prize are great because extra money for education is definitely a perk, especially for students that plan on going to universities. These scholarships would really help students avoid debt.

All negative things said about pageants are not true. They are wonderful experiences that will never be forgotten. I strongly recommend pageants to anyone that is interested in doing them. They are very helpful and you learn a lot from them.