A Guide to California’s 2022 Propositions

It is election season and Election Day, Nov. 8, is quickly approaching. Voters often head to the polls without being fully informed on what they will be voting for. This year, everyone is discussing the new propositions. But what exactly do they mean? 

Proposition 1

Proposition 1 is the Constitutional Right to Reproductive Freedom. Abortion is a hot topic at the moment. With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, legal protection of reproductive rights have become uncertain in the US. Prop 1 would protect abortion and contraceptives in California’s State Constitution.

Proposition 26 

Proposition 26 would Allow In-Person Roulette, Dice Games, Sports Wagering on Tribal Lands. This proposition would be an initiative amendment to California’s Constitution. The passing of Prop 26 would give tribal groups rights to include sports betting in their race tracks and casinos.

Proposition 27

Proposition 27 allows Online and Mobile Sports Wagering Outside Tribal Lands. This is another initiative amendment to Califrornia’s Constitution. Similarly to Prop 26, Pop 27 seeks to legalize sports betting, however, through computers and mobile apps instead. A “Yes” to Prop 27 would mean you could legally make sports bets through online sites.  

Proposition 28

Proposition 28 calls for providing additional Funding for Arts and Music Education in Public Schools. This would create a new law to help fund arts and music programs in schools. Prop 28 seeks to boost funding for programs in K through12 schools. 

Proposition 29

Proposition 29 will require On-Site Licensed Medical Professional at Kidney Dialysis Clinics and Establishes Other State Requirements. Initiative Statute. There are three major parts to this proposition:

First, a physician or nurse practitioner would be required to be present during a patient’s treatment unless there is a staff shortage. In that case, a physician would be present through telehealth. 

Secondly, patients would have to be made aware of physicians with clinic ownership interest.  

Lastly, dialysis clinics would not be able to turn away patients based on their payment method. 

Proposition 30

Proposition 30 provides funding for Programs to Reduce Air Pollution and Prevent Wildfires by Increasing Tax on Personal Income Over $2 Million. This initiative would add a 1.75% tax on millionaires. This money would be allocated to three areas: electric car incentives, electric vehicle infrastructure, and wildfire prevention. 

Proposition 31

Proposition 31 is a Referendum on 2020 Law That Would Prohibit the Retail Sale of Certain Flavored Tobacco Products. Prop 31 is challenging a 2020 law that placed a ban on most flavored tobacco products. 

Medical experts and the CDC argue that these products are harmful for minors. Voting “Yes” would keep the ban in place, while a “No” would repeal the law and allow for the continued sale of flavored tobacco products.

Don’t forget to head to the polls Nov. 8, and vote for what you believe is best for the State of California. Remember, every vote counts!