Stampede in Israel leave many Dead

On Friday 100,000 people had gathered at a religious celebration in Israel. Gathering to celebrate a holiday on Mount Merrion in northern Israel. Despite all the warning from authorities on the risk of getting Covid 19. The celebration in Israel drew tens of thousands of Ultra-Othodox Jews left at least 45 people dead and more injured. 

Friday Morning

Friday morning around 1 a.m. the deadly crash had begun. When the celebrants began to pour out of the section of a compound where festivals were held. The death toll 45 was said to be one of the worst civilian disasters in Israel History, most were students. People who attended the event felt a crush beginning to build just before 1 am.

 An investigation was launched by The Justice Ministry into how the police handled the event. Witness reports say that some of the police officers in the scene prevented panicked revelers from using some exits. Israelis media outlets had quickly unearthed catalogues complaints from safety inspections with many citizens warning the site was a disaster waiting to happen. 


 Israelis demanded some answers from the managers of the site on the slopes of Mount Merrion. Even religious leaders and the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahn had epithets. Also plastic bottles hurled at them when they visited the scene. Clips that showed a mass amount of people in the Escate celebration. Reports have indicated that the grandstand had collapsed. However it had appeared right after celebrations slipped on stone steps leading onto a narrow passageway.

A spokesman for the police had said the Israel police had arrested two people for disturbing officers. The officers were doing their efforts to keep the site in order. People in the crowd at the gathering were so vast that even the police couldn’t make them obey COVID restrictions. Rescue workers attributed the tragedy to sheer volume of people who gathered at Mount Merrion. 

Police had reported 100,000 people had attended the gathering. Therefore was they say was 4 to 5 times as many should have been in a location like that.