Rio Hondo College accepts $477k grant to expand online education

The California Virtual Campus Online Education Initiative chose Rio Hondo College for a 447k grant. This will go towards help with online certificate programs offered at the college. A total of 16 programs will be added or updated creating more opportunities for certificates and degrees. The chosen certificates reflect the work and employment needed across California. The 16 programs include Advertising Design; American Sign Language; Art Studio Entrepreneurship; Deaf Studies; Foundations of Interpreting; Wildland Fire Technology; Sports and Fitness Management;  Sports Coaching; Elementary Education; Online Digital Technology; Graphic Design; Packaging Design; Branding and Image Design; Web Design; Health Information Technology; and Publications.

“This grant is a strong endorsement of the strength of Rio Hondo College’s career instructional program, The funds will allow us to strengthen an already top-notch program to ensure our students receive the training necessary to enjoy amplified career opportunities that, in turn, will enrich our communities.” President Dr. Arturo Reyes stated.

With 22% of Rio Hondo students already taking online classes this a welcome offering to the campus. This grant will also begin to open the doors to other opportunities in the online education field moving forward the college overall goal to increase accessibility in the process of certificate programs leading towards entry level jobs.  Students can look forward to these programs to be up in fall 2020.