A Friendsgiving at the Campus Inn

A special day for food and thanks at the camps inn this Monday.

The Associated Student of Rio Hondo College (ASRHC) will be hosting a free Friendsgiving event for the students of Rio Hondo this upcoming Monday, November 19th at 5pm-6: 30 pm in the Campus Inn.


This Friendsgiving event also took place last year by Martin Covarrubias, last year’s ASRHC President. Diana Lopez Coordinator of this year’s event says, “it was a HUGE success we decided to do it this year. I’m really hoping it becomes a tradition for AS because it’s an opportunity to bring us together as a community.”


This gives ASRHC the opportunity to provide a Thanksgiving meal for the students who aren’t otherwise able to be with their families and eat a meal with them, Lopez claims. This is such a special event that is being provided to the students that Lopez goes on to say, “Seeing students happy and thankful for this event is probably the best part of it all!”


Some may be curious as to where the budget is coming from for such an event.

Diana Lopez Coordinator states that it is “coming from every task force budget, and from our ICC (Inter-Club Council) hospitality budget.”


ASRHC is in collaboration with the ICC this year for the first time for this event. Last year’s event only had ASRHC handling the event.


The ICC is in charge of supporting club activities on campus and helping the experience for the students, faculty, and the staff. This collaboration between the two organizations makes perfect sense to improve the event’s details, and support for better funding for the event itself.


For the time being, the Rio Café is in charge of the catering. While they are still working out details for the event.


Students are encouraged to attend this event to build a better relationship with students. To gather and just have a space to be thankful.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Nov. 13 print edition.

Editors Note: Changes were made to its original title to suit the article. The previous title was “Friendsgiving.”