Summer Bridge Students Begin First Week of School on the Right Foot


Photo by Malissa Myers/ El Paisano

Summer Bridge students on their last day of the program in August of 2016.

Malissa Myers, Editor- In- Chief, Digital

The Avance Summer Bridge Program is offered specifically to incoming Rio Hondo Freshman straight out of high school, and is intended to “bridge the gap” between high school and college.

This summer, there were three, two- week sessions offered to students on campus. Throughout the program, students attended a Summer Math Academy and learned about a variety of different programs and services available on campus. Presentations were given on financial aid, counseling, the transfer process, and several other fundamentals of student life. Participation in the Math Academy allows students to potentially score higher on math assessment tests, so that they can be placed in a higher level course.

Attendees were also led by a group of peer mentors, who further assisted in guiding and team building exercises to give incoming freshman a confident outlook on entering their first year of college. Participants in Summer Bridge benefit by gaining knowledge and support from Rio Hondo before the semester begins.

Fernando Franklin, a  freshman who attended Summer Bridge, commented on his first week of school, “I felt prepared, and I had everything I needed; while other freshman were lost. I felt confident starting my first day of college”. Attendance to Summer Bridge is free, and meals, snacks and supplies are provided daily.

Upon completion of Summer Bridge, many students continue to join coordinators, Maribel De Leon and Michael Koger, in participating in the Avance Program. Avance is a first- year student program designed to further assist in college guidance and early success.

After the first week of the semester, De Leon stated “Students who participated in Summer Bridge had a smoother transition into college. Summer Bridge students began their first week  prepared, they knew where their classes were located, and they were connected to resources on campus. If Summer Bridge participants run into any issues, they know where to go for help with a sense of confidence in themselves.”

Summer Bridge is scheduled for next Summer 2017 for prospective Rio Hondo Freshman.