The Fire Academy Class of 85 graduates with special awards

Rio Hondo Fire academy students from the class of 85 graduated Oct. 31 at the Rio Hondo College Regional Fire Academy.

There were a total of 33 graduates from the class, and a total of five special awards were given.

The Outstanding Notebook award was given to Erwin Jake Bayan for putting together the best notebook, which containins vital information that will remain important for the rest of his career.

The Brent Lovrien Leadership Award was given to cadet Charles P. Gail the Second for showing outstanding leadership capabilities.

The Class of 85 had been the judges for this award, rather than the faculty.

The award was made in memory of Brent Lovrien, who passed away in march of 2008 while in the line of duty in response to a reported structure fire near LAX.

There were a total of 33 graduates from the class, and a total of five special awards were given.

Retired Captain Robert M. Lee of the Los Angeles County Fire Department described Lovrien as “someone who went above and beyond the call of duty in all aspects of his life.”

The Physical Fitness award was given to Pete Reveles for obtaining the best results out of the classes physical fitness testing.

The Dedication and Motivation award was also given to Charles P. Gail the Second , for  exemplifying  “the ideals of the Rio Hondo Fire Academy.” stated Academic Counselor Jennifer Fernandez.

Lastly, the Stephen J. Masto Top Cadet Award was given to Anthony Mora for outstanding performances in six block examinations; which consist of a variety of firefighting information, live fire training, and physical fitness qualification exams.

This award was made in memory of Stephen Masto, who passed away while assisting other firefighters, stated Stephens mother, Fidel Masto.

Masto gave cadet Mora Stephens old pin, asking, “would you wear his little pin with his badge number 151 on it in his honor, and carry on all of your duties remembering him.”

After the benediction from cadet Garrett Gomez , the Class of 85 conducted a skills demonstration.

The first demonstration was the PPE (personal protective equipment) drill, which displayed how quickly the cadets were able to put on their safety gear.

Next, the cadets performed a Hazardous Materials Demonstration. The cadets properly demonstrated how to deal with someone who has been exposed to a hazardous substance, and showed the proper procedures in rescuing the victim, as well as keeping themselves safe from harm.

Continuing after that was a 24 foot Ladder demonstration. Cadets showed the audience how to properly place and raise a ladder.

The cadets then performed a repel demonstration, repelling from the top of a three story building to the bottom.

A vehicle exfiltration drill was performed in order to show those in attendance what processes they undergo before removing someone that is trapped inside of their car after any kind of accident.

Lastly, the cadets performed a structure fire demonstration, in which they properly demonstrated how to respond to an apartment fire.

The class of 85’s motto is “service over self” stated cadet Aisrael Clarke. It ultimately means “putting the needs of the community before each and every one of ourselves whenever we are called to.”